All Those Unspent City Housing Bonds; Watching 30 Years of Houston Sprawl

Photo of NRG Stadium: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • the chronicle mislabeled conroe as the woodlands….

  • What happened after taking the bus for a week is that person finally got to their destination…

  • That story about the poor confused person trying to navigate public transportation and — OMG! crossing the street safely! — had me rolling my eyes and wondering about the future of the human race. According to Metro’s ridership numbers, on a typical day in July, a couple hundred thousand Houstonians manage to figure out how to ride the bus and/or train, AND cross the street. A lot of those don’t have college degrees. Some of them didn’t even finish high school. I’m sure this privileged Rice person can figure it out.
    That Hermann Park/Rice University intersection that “is notoriously hostile toward pedestrians” is only hostile if you ignore the signage and the walk/don’t walk signals. It’s rather unfriendly in that you might have to wait a minute or two because of the timing of the traffic light combined with the train traffic, but I wouldn’t call it hostile if you’re paying attention to where you’re going and don’t, say, jump out in front of a train.

  • Really, she should put more faith in Metro’s trip planner. For getting from the east edge of the Rice campus to Levy Park, it’s far easier to start with either the 56 or the red line and then transfer to the 25 Richmond, which would drop her right across Richmond only a block north of the park.

  • The problem with the Hermann Park/Rice U. intersection is that the time allowed for pedestrians to cross Main is barely enough for an able-bodied person make it across before the lights change. An elderly or disabled person doesn’t have a chance.