Houston’s World Cup Bid; Building “Elevated” Homes in Humble Flood Plain; Harvey Aid Money May Go to Border Wall

Photo of the vault at Hotel ICON: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Border Wall
    Absolutely disgusting. We should outlaw alcohol before building the wall. Oh wait, Republicans pick and choose what drugs to mandate.
    PORTLAND, Ore. — Court records on Tuesday showed that a man charged with killing a family of five in a head-on crash near Salem, Ore., had a blood alcohol level of near four times the legal limit, KPTV in Portland reported.

  • I bet all those golf trips and secret service stays at Mar a Lago could’ve paid for a good portion of the wall by now.

  • Ha! I guess Houston being the number one top contributing city in the US to Trump’s presidential campaign didn’t quite work out so well in its favor. Karma is a bioch. Guess you really do reap what you sow.

  • It’s not like there’s a failed combat aircraft program we’ve already wasted $1 trillion on that we could scrap to pay for his blasted wall. No siree, can’t take the money out of the military-industrial complex. Let’s take it from something that would actually protect Americans from a real threat, to build a fantasy monument to a failed president.

  • “Money for Hurricane Harvey relief may fund Trump’s border wall ….. so do we now get to revoke that flood bond now if the federal matching money is being taken away? Having to pony up for the local match was the reason the politicians gave for passing it. “Bait and Switch” is a typical Republican tactic

  • RE: Robbing Harvey Relief to Pay for Border Wall
    Add me to the chorus of boos on this idea – this is ridiculous to “protect” the border but let the floodwaters sweep away the taxpaying hotbed called Houston. And, let’s say he did do this – what next? If Congress replaces that money with fresh dollars, then there is no stopping him from doing anything he wants by raiding every up-for-grabs dollar.
    The 2020 election cannot come fast enough – I’d vote for nearly anyone besides that guy. Well, maybe not Ted Cruz. I’m not voting for that guy.

  • In order to avoid billions of dollars in wasteful spending on stadiums and infrastructure every 4 fours, FIFA should just hold every World Cup in the US. By the time of the next World Cup, there will be 30 NFL stadiums, most of them modern and FIFA-compliant, plus a bunch of college stadiums. You can hold three world cups in a row without using the same city twice.
    Of course, as far as FIFA is concerned, billions of dollars in wasteful spending on stadiums and infrastructure is a feature, not a bug.

  • Barry Sorento build a Canadian website for over $2bil. If Donny can acquire ROWs, fight the courtroom battles, AND build a wall for anywhere close to $5 bil, by comparison is that not a great deal ?