How a New Neighborhood Named MEX Y CAN Came to Houston’s East End

The HAR listing for the home at 5116 Avenue H in the Second Ward, for sale for $99,990, identified the property’s subdivision as MEX Y CAN. Which seemed notable enough in the rapidly changing neighborhood for the curious name to appear as discussion fodder yesterday on Reddit. The subdivision name is accurate, appearing on county tax records: The property’s developer was required to give a name to the subdivision when the single 5,000-sq.-ft. lot on which it stood (at the time part of a subdivision named Engel) was divided into thirds last year, in order to allow him to sell off individually the 3 existing homes on the property. “Actually no one had any comments [on the name] at the time of replatting,” the developer notes.

MEX Y CAN, the name he assigned to the subdivision, “is for the name Mexican and (Y in Spanish) Canadian,” he explains to Swamplot. “The love of my life is Mexican and I am Canadian. . . . There is no other meaning or significance behind it.” The motivation for choosing this particular name? “Having myself, the love of my life, and our desire to be memorialized in the area for eternity like our love.”


Phone calls from curious neighborhood-name enthusiasts have nevertheless spurred a change in the listing. As of today, the subdivision for the 792-sq.-ft. 2-bedroom home at 5116 Avenue H is noted as “ENGEL REPLATTED” in the listing. But it’s still MEX Y CAN in county records:


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  • The Canadians will be out in force over this slight.

  • How dare they pull this on the great country of Canada. I foresee Canadians getting angry and then apologizing for their temper.

  • “Phone calls from curious neighborhood-name enthusiasts have nevertheless spurred a change in the listing.”
    Two questions:
    1) Why would calls from those curious spur a change in the listing?
    2) There is such thing as a “neighborhood-name enthusiast” ?

  • Pronounced “Meh”

  • Frigging snowbacks coming over here, bringing their flannel and lovey dovey names. Build the wall, ehh.