How HAR Agents Get Those Glowing Reviews Online

HOW HAR AGENTS GET THOSE GLOWING REVIEWS ONLINE HAR’s pioneering ratings program for real-estate agents gets a bit of scrutiny from the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money magazine. Among the amazing stats: A mere 1.4 percent of all ratings on HAR come in at less than 4 stars; meanwhile, on Angie’s List 5.9 percent of real-estate-agent reviews have equivalent “mediocre to poor” scores, and on Yelp the number is 18.5 percent. Agents participating in the Houston Association of Realtors program earn an average rating of 4.94 out of 5. How do they chalk up such glowing reviews? “In reality, that 4.94 represents the average score of just 12 percent of the association’s agents. Another 7 percent participate in the rating program but don’t make their results public. The rest — some 17,000 real estate pros — don’t get rated at all, either by choice or because they haven’t completed enough transactions. The group surveys only customers who have closed deals, leaving out everyone who, satisfied or not, walked away. Those qualifications help explain why fewer than 0.3 percent of the Houston agents have been awarded a low one-star rating by their clients — a figure that seems to defy reality, given all the things that can go wrong in a home deal. (The association says low-rated agents often opt out of the program.)” Reporter Alyssa Abkowitz quotes Katy agent Patricia Gant about the one black mark that brought her overall rating down to a comparatively low 4.4 out of 5 stars: “I would’ve never sent [a survey] to her,” she says, “if I’d had any idea that she’d give me one star.” [Smart Money]

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  • As the old adage goes, word of mouth is always the best advertising.

  • I’m an agent (though don’t often admit it — Ironically I got my lic to avoid the need to deal with agents as much) and didn’t even know about this star rating thing.
    I’ve closed several deals, though all but one was for my own use, so my ‘client’ I’m sure would give me 5 stars :) Maybe I can go back and give myself some stellar ratings!
    If I were a consumer, the rating itself wouldn’t be important to me. But if I saw someone with a LOT of ratings, then at least I know they’re legit and getting deals done.

  • File this next to photoshopped listing photoes.