How Houston’s 2 Planned Robo-Parking Garages Compare in Size

HOW HOUSTON’S 2 PLANNED ROBO-PARKING GARAGES COMPARE IN SIZE The one that’d go next to the proposed Railway Heights food hall will be bigger: 89-ft. tall with a roughly 18,000-sq.-ft. footprint, reports Nancy Sarnoff. A site plan for the development at Wash Ave and Hempstead previously indicated it’d hold 600 cars. The other high-tech garageplanned in place of the existing analog facility on White Oak Dr. next to Tacos A Go Go — is being designed for a third of that capacity: 200 vehicles, reports Sarnoff, would fit there in a structure “no taller than 75 ft.,” with a 6,500-sq.-ft. footprint. The same tech company — New Jersey-based U-tron — is behind both buildings, in cooperation with Chicago developer Easy Park. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Image: Centric Commercial

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  • I hope the robot parking place is near the robot brothel. Otherwise the suburban robots will have to take mass transit to get their robot jollies.

  • So the robo-garage on White Oak will be “no taller than 75 ft”? That’s about 5 or 6 stories, which is exceedingly tall in that particular location. It will certainly stick out, when no other building in the immediate area is even half that height.
    I hope The Heights Proper NIMBYs are sharpening their pitchforks. . .
    And maybe when they’re done there, they can head to Railway Heights and protest that development’s dumb appropriation of the “Heights” name.

  • I remember when there was a big stink made about the 45 foot tall cell tower near Someburger. Now a 75 foot parking garage doesn’t cause a single ripple. I’m thinking the sex robot place should go right next to Onion Creek.

  • @Donald

    Those NIMBYs can choose between a parking garage or having people park in front of their houses, as they currently do, and which they currently bitch about.

    Also, there’s a proposed multi-story apartment complex on 6 1/2 and Oxford. So this won’t stick out for long.

  • @J… I’m thinking the sex robot place should go right next to Onion Creek.
    And would probably offer faster service than the bar staff at Onion Creek.