How the Intersection of Hillcroft, Harwin, and Swamplot Is Shaping Up

How is Swamplot’s new group photo feature working out for you? We’ve had 3 of them to look at so far. Send a bunch of Swamplot readers to take any photos they want within 500 ft. of a Houston intersection and see what they come back with: Are the results what you expected?

We’ve already got a bunch of great images in for this week’s assignment — but there’s room for many more! How’s the corner of Hillcroft and Harwin looking? If it’s not shaping up the way you envisioned, you’ve still got time to add your pix to the mix! Or if you like some of what you see and that inspires you to push the project further in a similar direction, you can do it — by adding your own shots.

Just send your images to the Swamplot Flickr pool, and tag them with the phrase “Hillcroft & Harwin” (yes, you’ll need to include the quotation marks). Make sure you haven’t disabled Flickr’s gallery feature. Add descriptions if you like. The deadline is midnight this Thursday.