How the Pavers Went Down on the Path To Redemption Square

Here’s a timelapse video showing workers creating a plaza in front of the lone extant office building in Generation Park’s Redemption Square development just inside the northeast corner of Beltway 8. The pavers were laid a little more carefully than shown here late last month in front of the brand-new 5-story, 86,523-sq.-ft. building at 250 Assay St.

Other than the 5-level parking garage structure now behind it — and the landscape improvements now going in — there’s not a whole lot crowding the building so far, as the earlier aerial photo above shows. The Beltway is in the foreground of that image; here’s a closer-in view of the east side of 250 Assay St. shortly before the trees and pavers went in:


McCord Development’s plan for Redemption Square, however, shows a few more buildings coming:

250 Assay St. is immediately northwest of the intersection of Assay St. and Redemption Square Rd.

Video and images: Generation Park

Generating Generation Park

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