How the River Oaks House of Wow Began To Sprout

HOW THE RIVER OAKS HOUSE OF WOW BEGAN TO SPROUT Inspired by the enthusiasm of Swamplot commenters, Lisa Gray tracks down the story behind the looks-mild-from-the-street home of the Brill family, and its eclectic designer George Weinle: “They started with the dining room, which came to feel like something out of Oz. The custom-made dining-room table has an incredibly ornate pedestal: Weinle knew that Pat’s grandkids liked to play under the table, and he wanted them to have something to look at. Her Chippendale dining-room chairs are painted shocking mint green. An intricate red wooden chandelier that looks vaguely like a pagoda was made to George’s specifications; it hangs at the center of a ceiling painted to resemble a carousel top. Shiny blue woodwork fu dogs — the kind that guard Chinese restaurants — flank a doorway, and custom-made, vaguely Asian furnishings sprout as if of their own volition. The breakfast room, living room, entry way and library followed, bits and pieces at a time, done whenever Pat had the money. When George proposed the palm-tree pouf for the living room’s center, she called a retired decorator for a second opinion. “Either you’ll be a grand success or a laughingstock,” he told her. She took the chance. Twelve pillars in the living room? Gilding? More of those intricate wooden chandeliers? She said yes. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot]

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  • It’s growing on me, and not in a fungi or cancer way.

  • I just wonder how often they redecorated. I kind of like it, but can’t say I’d feel the same way day after day for years.. or even a month.

  • Man, I would hate to drop acid in that place.

  • Great article by Lisa! This place is growing in me too. The upper floor is a bit too 80s-tastic, and the kitchen’s kind of blah, but the rest of the ground floor is really lovely in a fun way. Good for her for being so bold!

    The right buyer would negotiate for the palm tree and the dining furniture….