How They’re Making More Land in Piney Point Village

The reader who sent in these photos of what appears to him to be the impending demolition of the house at 252 Piney Point Rd. tells Swamplot he can’t tell from the markings which trees are scheduled to come down with it — the ones with the red ribbons or the ones with the green: “There are too many to count and are almost all over 50′ tall.” The 5,022-sq.-ft. house on the almost-an-acre lot dates from 1955. The new owner bought the property last December for north of $1 million, but less than the $1,240,000 asking price. The listing included several photos of the “park like setting” just a couple of blocks north of Memorial Dr. but none of the home.


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • I’m surprised any trees are coming down. Piney Point is pretty proud of its trees. You have to have permission to cut down a tree, and if you get permission, you have to plant a tree elsewhere.

  • Please plant an Oak or Pecan; a Crepe Myrtle should never qualify as a tree. They are shrubs.

  • The trees close to the house are tagged red, so I bet they are going to be cut. Also the trees lining the driveway are tagged red, which again would make me think they are going to be cut to widen the drive. Pine Trees are pretty easy to get permission to cut since most of the HOA boards hate the needles the trees put out.

  • I know this house. It was built by John Boner of Boner Chevrolet (1950’s Houston Chevy King). Let me know.

  • Property sold for 1,150,000 PAID IN CASH !! WOW !! MARKET IS CERTAINLY MOVING FORWARD… :) THANK GOD !! :) —

  • it also means the exact opposite, but i suppose it all depends on which part of the market you’re in.