How They’re Making More Plaza Next to Greenway Plaza

And here we see before, right before, and during photos of today’s demolition of the 2-bedroom home at 4027 Portsmouth St., on the second block north of the Southwest Fwy. and just west of Weslayan St., in the appropriately named subdivision Weslayan Plaza just west of Greenway Plaza. Though the sign posted on the property appears to depict multiple townhouses new construction from Noël Home Luxury Living — better known as a home decor service of the Noel Furniture showroom across I-59 and a mile to the east at 2727 Southwest Fwy. — the buyer’s name on the permit for a new single-family home at this property is CitiView Homes.

Photos: Rex Solomon

Weslayan Plaza Demo

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  • Woopty F’n Doo….

  • ope, its a single family, Noel partnered with CitiView to build some crappy built “luxury” homes…The upside for people who live in the neighborhood like me is they are paying way to much for the teardowns!

  • Wow!! That excavator is ruining the root systems of those beautiful, mature oak trees. The new owner of that house will see them go into decline in a year or two and will die a slow death. Shame!!

  • How exactly is the excavator ruining the root system of those two trees?

  • Carl, it crushed the crap out of one side of each tree. Not a good start given the rest of the project is yet to come. I guarantee you the crap “fencing” that might be set around them will be spanks on each trunk in about 4 months.

  • Those trees are kinda ugly. What makes you think they are going to stay?

  • @Vincente Rivera

    Yes, let’s continue to get rid of the few trees the Houston area has.

  • MIke= No, they’re not. The trees will be just fine.

  • Thank goodness they stopped that rail line from being built on Richmond.

  • The builder told me he is taking out the oak trees…