How To Topple That Last Bit of Seventies Mod Office Building Without Letting It Topple You

Friday’s knockout of the last walls standing of the Town & Country III office building by CityCentre can now be added to Swamplot’s small but smashing video collection of doomed structures taking a light swing at their demo crew on the way down. To be fair, the semi-controlled collapse of the midrise’s final walls looks to have been much less of a surprise than last fall’s award-winning Corporate Plaza parking garage acceleration incident: while footage of the Town & Country toppling does show the cloud of dust stirred up by the pullover, it captures no contemporaneous cloud of suspense regarding the fate of the operator and nearby construction workers. (The video above also captures commentary from some onlookers in CityCentre Five, who’ll likely have a similarly clear view of the next few teardowns on the docket.)

Video: Swamplot inbox

CityCentre Grab and Smash

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  • Non-Houstonians might be forgiven for thinking that something called City Center would not be located in BFE, i.e. Beltway 8. Maybe a less hilarious name would attract more of the trendy restaurants that outlying folks seem so desperate for.

  • I love the smell of asbestos in the morning.