How To Tour ExxonMobil’s Shiny New North Houston Campus from the Comfort of Your Own Google

Frame from Photo Sphere Tour of ExxonMobil Campus, Springwoods Village, Houston

Update, 4 pm: Well, whaddya know? The photo sphere images have mysteriously disappeared from Google Maps, rendering our embeds defunct. Guess you might want to go ahead and set up that meeting after all.

Employees have been populating ExxonMobil’s new consolidated Springwoods Village campus since last year, but the company hasn’t exactly opened the place up to visitors. Which makes it a little odd that immersive virtual tours of the place, featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces around the 385-acre complex, have now appeared within Google Maps. If you just want to have a look around, there’s no need to bug your employee pal to arrange an on-site “business meeting” for you. All you need to do is poke around the photo spheres. From each spot you’ll have 360-degree 4Ï€ steradian views around you, if you click and drag within the image:


The photo sphere views appear to have been posted by a visiting ExxonMobil employee who took the images using the Google Photo Sphere app available on both Android and iOS phones. (Each image posted here can be expanded to full screen with a click on the icon at the top right of the image.)

A few interiors are available for lookarounds as well. If you’re familiar with the campus, feel free to provide a narrative or color commentary in the comments section below.

If the embedded images aren’t showing up in your browser, you can also view them within Google Maps.

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  • How incredibly dull

  • the pleasures of working/living in a bubble. so many amenities you’ll completely forget those 12-hr days aren’t by choice.

  • Wow, those got taken down quickly. *Crrrk* Mr. Martin, please report to room 104 in the detention building, that’s room 1-0-4 in the detention building. *Crrrck*

  • Having worked at two corporate campuses very similar to this, you sacrifice a lot of personal freedom once you accept the offer of employment. Every single move you make on campus is tracked, reported upon, and analyzed. The benevolent offers of day care, dry cleaning, fitness centers, food courts and lounges are a lot more sinister than they appear at face value.

    That being said, campuses like these very much appeal to the millennials. They are the tech-trend out West. The control and nanny-ism make them feel accepted and part of “the team”. A colleague of mine who works in a similar campus, even has a corporate bus pick him up in the city and take him to work every day, along with many of his peers. It’s so much like elementary school it is simply amazing people would want to sacrifice their individual freedom for a paycheck.

  • How hard would it be to defend this place in the zombie apocalypse? Because it looks like a nice place to ride out the end of humanity.

  • The fact that they are all blacked out now is what makes this story great. Look down, look down.. prisoner 24601.

  • Sad, How cynical and jealous you all are.