How To Vote a Second Time in the 2009 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate — Using Twitter

For the first time, we’re accepting votes in the Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate submitted through Twitter. In fact, we’ll be counting Twitter votes separately from the votes we receive through comments and emails. Which means you’ll be able to vote for your favorite candidate in each category twice — once through Twitter and once through the other channels.

For your Twitter votes to count, you’ll first need to follow Swamplot on Twitter. And your voting tweets will need to be formatted correctly. All votes must be addressed to Swamplot (@swamplot) and include the #swampies hashtag. You’ll also need to mention the category you’re voting for and indicate your vote clearly. For example, the following tweet would record your vote for Royal Oaks in the Most Underappreciated Neighborhood category:

@swamplot most underappreciated Royal Oaks rocks it! #swampies

Make sure you only mention one candidate per tweet — otherwise we won’t be able to count your vote. Of course you can add other messages to your tweets, to encourage others to vote with you:

@swamplot most underappreciated Royal Oaks needz it sum luv! #swampies Please Retweet!!!

You’ll need to wait for the official nominees to be announced before casting a vote in a category. Votes from dummy Twitter accounts that have been set up solely for the purpose of voting will not be counted. But if you aren’t on Twitter yet, it’s fine to start an account so you can vote — we’ll just need to see a sufficient level of activity and followers on the account for your votes to be counted.