How To Win (or Give Out) Valuable Prizes on Swamplot

You still have a chance to win that $100 gift certificate to Robert Gadsby’s new Bedford Restaurant that Swamplot is giving away this week. All you need to do is win the latest Neighborhood Guessing Game.

But if you want to get your guess in, you’d better hurry! The contest ends tomorrow . . . sometime!

We want to thank Bedford — and the Rice Design Alliance, which will continue to sponsor other rounds of the game — for their prize donations. Prizes have helped attract new players to the game and to this site, and brought a good number of you lurkers out of the woodwork. The prizes turn out to be a good deal for our sponsors, too, because sponsoring earns them a lot of attention from Swamplot readers.

If you or your firm would like to sponsor a round or two of the Neighborhood Guessing Game, just contact Swamplot using the address on our advertising page.