HP Setting Up Shop in Springwoods Village; Metered Parking for Rice Village Storefronts


Photo of Niels Esperson Building: Jan Buchholtz via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I don’t mean to crap on Chris Shepherd, but a focal point in the third article in Kevin Alexander’s (Thrillist) three-part series on the restaurant industry was a concept that changed every season with seasonal menus that changed as new ingredients came in. It ended poorly.

    This is the same series Chris Cusack referenced in his diatribe after FC closed.

  • @brian: Underbelly already changes menus more frequently than every season. Usually once a week, I think. Shepherd’s new place actually sounds like a good strategy to overcome the forces described in that Thrillist article. A new restaurant has one year to exploit its buzz before crowds move on. By closing and re-opening every year, the new joint may be able to exploit that first year buzz for five years in a row.