HSPVA’s Kinder Rebranding; Astros Begin Tal Hill Flattening


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  • Re: Bellaire High School
    Excerpt from article: “We have $136 million for new construction,” Lunceford said, according to Southwest News. “So we can take part of that, buy the land and then refurbish BHS with the basics until there’s another bond, and then we can build a new high school. We estimate that we need about $40 million to survive until a new building could be ready.”/
    Why spend $40 million for “basics” at a school that you’re going to abandon once the new one is built up the road? This seems like a ridiculously large amount for a ‘fill the gap” project. I’m not against spending tax money for education but there’s no need to waste the cash. Can the kids get by on $10 million? (sarcasm)

  • “Wolfie”

    They can also re-purpose the existing campus, after upgrades, into a Junior High …. typically they require a lot less space.

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  • @WR
    I appreciate the possibility of using the old campus for a junior high – and that may be a good option as part of the process. What I’m troubled by is the same article also said that another bond issue could be floated to actually pay for construction – after they deplete the current bond proceeds to buy the land and refurb the existing high school.
    $40 million here and (blank) millions there soon adds up to a lot of money for our local property owners – and we’ve only patched up the old campus and built one new one. I’d be more open to all of this if I heard of a sensible comprehensive building plan from HISD.

  • “a sensible comprehensive building plan from HISD”


  • My daughter is a senior at BHS – she was/is one of the students chosen to be on a new building committee. The beginning of her junior year she was asked and then it was put on hiatus. She is involved in the theatre program and the plan was to keep some of the facilities as it (they have a very recent new science wing). If HISD builds new schools they do not build dedicated theatres – they build multipurpose spaces – which are not really great performance spaces. When she attended Johnston MS (renamed now) which is an arts magnet school they renovated so that they could keep their theatre space. This is what had been planned for Bellaire HS, too, at least the theatre department thought so.

  • While they’re at it, why not create a residential construction code that rewards down-to-the-stud renovations which opt for LEED Silver/Gold/Platinum certification? Or: create one that facilitates such renovations in the future.