Hubbell & Hudson Market Folding; Brash Brewing Company Headed to Houston

dona maria at 2601 Navagation

Photo of Dona Maria at 2601 Navigation: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That is terrible news about H&H. I am not a Woodlands resident, but did have a great time at a cooking class there a few months back – it is(was) a super cool spot. Really disappointed to hear they aren’t going to make it.

  • Where is that Brash Brewery going to be? Didnt say where the location was.

  • “Mr.Clean19
    January 13, 2014 at 9:17 am
    Where is that Brash Brewery going to be? Didnt say where the location was.”

    I want to know too!

  • The picture in the story looks a lot like a warehouse right down the street from Petrol Station, but I’m not sure. I’ll drive by after work to compare.

  • Re: Post Office

    Dumb Quote of the Week: Sheila Jackson Lee
    “History can never be undermined, and it can never be rebuilt,” Jackson Lee said. “No matter where you put a retail center, it will not be the post office on the grounds of Weingarten.”

    The historic structure was the Weingarten’s were the sit-in occurred. When that building was demolished and the post office built, we could have had this discussion. Now she suggests we are supposed to link the historic event to a secondary structure that had nothing to do with event? In that case, I shouldn’t be allowed to tear down my detached garage because a Sam Houston’s army set up camp on my lot in 1836, and that garage will always be the garage on the grounds of Sam Houston’s camp.

  • Wholeheartedly agree Superdave! SJL never ceases to amaze me with her ridiculousness. So put a historical marker sign on the property not unlike you see along the highway in the middle of nowhere. I am all for the 5 or 6 post offices closing. They occupy expensive land and the sale could offset their pension obligations. UPSP would be better off renting in crummy strip centers and consolidating the mail sorting to other less than desirable real estate.

  • Where are the protests of the evil big box grocer Whole Foods forcing small grocers to close?

    Also, I see SJL playing role of village idiot quite well again!

  • the H+H closing doesn’t surprise me. It seems that they’ve been living on borrowed money and time for a while now. The restaurant does well to my understanding, but the market was a money pit.

  • This is actually a nice post office. I have been there several times and it seems like it is new. There is one further south on Almeda that is much more of a dump. Funny thing is that i dont think many people knew about this one. I went to the one to the south once and saw a 20min line. Then drove 5 min north to find this office with no wait.