Hunky Dory and Bernadine’s Are Shutting Down Next Week After All

HUNKY DORY AND BERNADINE’S ARE SHUTTING DOWN NEXT WEEK AFTER ALL The scandal– and bankruptcy-embroiled Treadsack Group just announced that both Hunky Dory Tavern and Bernadine’s are closing next week. After the company announced in late March that both restaurants would stay open for the time being, the last day of action for each is now set as May 24th. The expanding group of Killen’s meat vendors announced on Monday that it had snagged Bernadine’s chef Graham Laborde (who stepped in to run Hunky Dory’s kitchen too, after Richard Knight left in February). No related updates from also-in-Chapter-11 Down House, or any of the other restaurants in the group. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Hunky Dory

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  • This is unfortunate. While it seems that the restaurants were not run very effectively, they did great job putting together a concept, assembling a team, and most importanrly putting great food on the table. I hope the suppliers and employees get some of the money that is owed to them.

    Perhaps Clark Cooper will snatch this place and put something interesting there (minus the Ferraris and guys with pony tails sipping Veuve Cliqot and oysters)?

  • Oh, the restaurant biz. These were both great concepts with great chefs. The buildings were lovely and the interior design was snappy and fresh without bowing to so many of the restaurant design cliches. Every time I went (before things began coming apart) the food was great and the room was packed. So, while so many restaurants try to do something on this level and fail spectacularly, these folks were nailing it and had the rug pulled out from under them by all the problems behind the scenes.
    Fortunately, Richard Knight is still in town and organizing a series of pop up dinners called “Breaking Bread”. Hopefully, he gets another shot at a restaurant in town soon.

  • @Rafa: What’s wrong with Ferraris and good champagne? Jealous?

  • Restaurant business is a terrible business, failure in medium to long term is nearly guaranteed.

  • I think I’ll have Veuve and Oysters today for lunch.

  • Well, overpriced and bad service has finally left the Heights. Time for something fresh in those spaces. Hopefully something casual and innovative that represents the diversity of Houston rather than overpriced meals for white people.

  • Thanks “Resident” – we had dinner at Bernadine’s & were underwhelmed by food & overwhelmed by the salt.

  • Resident- that last part of your comment only served to nullify any credit the first part could be given. Hopefully bigots like you are going out with them

  • So much wasted land dedicated to car storage.