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  • Grouters Wet Dream

  • I like this textural, glazed terra cotta tile effect at the bathroom sinks in this home, but the tub looks like a morgue No! a crypt to me. Like this will be the last bath you even take…

  • The agent seems to imply that one could live in the house as is briefly, if forced to, until they could mow it down. I think it just needs a little freshening up and it would be great. BTW, I love it when dogs show up in the listing photos.

  • Other than the moldy tile around the tub, the house is in great shape and move-in ready. It is amazing that a house in this condition would be sold at “lot-value” – what a waste. There used to be an axiom in real estate that you were sitting prettiest with your home value when you have cheapest house on the block (or something similar – implying that you invest the least, but retain the most value by the rising tide around you). Guess in this part of town, there is still a scramble to build the gaudiest McMansion.

  • Thats some great photoshop in #16 of the photo gallery. There is no evidence of the agent or camera in the mirror reflection.

  • Did anyone catch the big ‘ole gun safe next to the treadmill?

  • wow.. Some people are living in their own world. “this home is livable” says the Realtor about a house with features that many of us can only dream about.