IAH Warehouse Condos Go Rental

3-year-old 11-building condo complex at the intersection of Beltway 8 and Hwy. 59; great feeder-road-U-turn access to IAH. Swimming pool — okay, it’s a retention pond — at the center. And bank-owned. Well, not anymore. Interra Capital Group bought 112 of the 128 flex-space industrial condo units at the High Ridge Business Park from the lender last month, and for the 60-some units still available, it’ll be lease only.

Photo: Commgate

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  • Are there any redeeming pictures of the interior you could post? I think the small, remaining part of my soul was sucked into the interwebs looking at the exterior shot.

  • 12 of the other units appear to be owned by companies rather than residents as well.