Iced Again: A White Christmas Comes Early to Hans’ Bier Haus

Santy Claus delivered 6 or 7 large and heavy before-Christmas gifts to Hans’ Bier Haus, the little bar that’s provided so much entertainment to the Rice Village over the last year. The little one-story structure at 2523 Quenby, doesn’t have a chimney; the gifts were just dropped onto the roof sometime early Friday morning. From there most of them crashed through. In addition to several holes in the ceiling, the ice blocks left a few damaged light fixtures, a few broken glasses, and a sprinkling of drywall crumbles inside, plus a breakaway tree limb on the back patio. Bier Haus co-owner Bill Cave tells abc13’s Sonia Azad the partially melted blocks were discovered Friday morning.

But gosh, who besides a mean old Santa could have done such a thing to Hans’ Bier Haus? And . . . who did it over Thanksgiving, too?


Azad’s teevee report plays it straight, dropping not even a hint of a possible answer, though the camera provides a few good shots of the 2520 Robinhood at Kirby parking garage that towers over the bar next door. And on camera, no one from the Bier Haus seems willing to point a finger. It’s just fortunate no one was inside when the ice came down. “If it’s a prank, it’s a pretty malicious prank,” Cave says.

Photos: Sandra Gunn and abc13

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  • Still surprised there have been no attacks on Hudson Lounge, located on the other side of 2520 Robinhood. It seems exponentially louder and a much larger nuisance to the condos than Hans’ Bier Haus.

  • so the condo is paying for all damages at this point though, right?

    does the condo not have cameras on their building to keep track where the debris is coming from at this point in time and then entry/exit cameras recording to tape anyhow? they’re knowingly liable for all damage at this point since they should have taken steps to find out the culprits a long time ago.

    this shit wouldn’t fly in other parts of town, there’d be some bodies to show for it. could use a little southwest action in the rice area.

  • Hey you a**holes in the condo, if you succeed in driving away the Bier Haus, how do you know its replacement will be better for you? Could be a nice spot for a dog boarder — constant barking is great, right? as is the smell of dog poo. Or maybe a bar with a much rowdier clientele will take the spot. Harley riders — what about it?

  • Seems to me a little backwards math could figure this one out. The trajectory (calculated from point of entry through roof vs point of breakage of the glassware) and size of object thrown (amount of melting can be estimated based on size of ice recovered vs time and temperature) should be able to figure out very close which balcony the blocks came from.

  • These people are absolutely nuts. The blocks of ice could have killed someone. The fact that these absolutely evil people continue to terrorize their neighbors is insane. The authorities need to get involved and charges need to be pressed before someone gets hurt.

  • It’s amazing the police or the court that supposedly issued a restraining order hasn’t done something. Sounds like maybe someone is pulling strings for someone?


  • Hmmm. I think that they should probably (definitely) invest in a security camera system. May cost them 10K for a hi-res camera, but they will probably catch the perpetrators…Thoughts?

  • Bill shouldn’t even have to deal with this crap. These people are criminals. They should be treated as such. I hope every single person that lives in the condo is held financially responsible for the mess that they have created. The guy that is responsible is an absolute lunatic who needs a little prison love.

  • I think that calls for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” on a loop during the bar off hours. Speakers pointed up. Or if that violates the noise ordinance, how about a large fan next to a cauldron of butyric acid.

    They chase the Bier Haus away and I might have my first good reason to invest in a bar.

  • Could be a nice spot for a biker bar. Try dropping stuff on them asshats.

  • I think he should rebrand it as a punk/metal live music venue. There isn’t one in the area and there needs to be something to counteract the coked out douchiness on the other side of the tower. I think 2 live outdoor shows a month from open to close will do the trick. That would be awesome.

  • Oh yeah, the Hudson Lounge is not safe either. I heard from a relatively reliable source that used condoms and ladies underwear are being photographed in the easement on the other side so they can try to say that orgies are occuring. It is nuts.

  • I worked as a bouncer many years ago at a discotheque. I was instructed by the owner to ask for a 2nd ID from any blacks trying to get in. And if they produced it then to then ask for a 3rd picture ID. When I expressed discomfort with this idea the owner told me that “I not a racist, I am a bar owner. And money is green. My job and goal as a bar owner is to make money not to be politically correct. I am not here to change the world. Money is green and if I could make money from running a bar that caters to mostly black patrons then I would do so. If it was that profitable I would even discourage whites from coming in. However due to cultural and other differences beyond my control it is like this; Blacks do not tip very well, and often not at all. This is not urban legend, this is factual, ask anybody in the waitstaff industry that will be candid with you. Blacks also smuggle their own flasks or pints in a lot! Plus they nurse their drinks and don’t spend as much money. And white dudes don’t dance as well or as readily. See those women dancing with each other over there while those guys are standing against the wall drinking beer? You let black men into the club and they will dance with those women. And the men will drink more beer and do the slow burn. It will inevitably lead to a fight. Fights costs me money. It will drive out the white patrons in the long run and you will be the proud owner of a black bar. You also will not be able to retain decent waitstaff because they work for tips not for the fun of it. This is not theory or racist conjecture for I have been the owner of a black bar before and I went broke. Now get back out there and ask for ID’s or get out of my bar!

  • Dude is a freaking racist.

  • Phillip is just trolling, right? At least he didn’t throw ice blocks at the server. As for the actual topic at hand: every time I see a story like this it makes me queue up plans for another visit to Hans’ the next time I go out. If I lived close enough, I’d train my own cameras on the condos in the hopes of catching evidence I could turn over.