If Wishes Were Museums: Don’t Give Up on That Immanuel Lutheran Church Demolition Just Yet

That report we passed on last Friday about the congregation of Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Heights voting to turn its former sanctuary at the corner of Cortlandt and 15th St. into a museum of Lutheran history turns out to have been false. City Council members Edward Gonzalez and Sue Lovell, who announced the decision in a press release, jumped the gun a bit:

Lovell spokesman Tim Brookover said the councilwoman’s office received a report from a preservationist attending the meeting that there had “been a lot of talk about a Lutheran museum” and presumed the church group approved the plan.

Though informally discussed, such a proposal has not been formally presented to the governing board, [board president Ken Bakenhus] said.

But there was some progress at the meeting: The congregation did vote to reject local artist and engineer Gus Kopriva’s proposal to lease the sanctuary and turn it into an art museum, the Chronicle‘s Allan Turner reports.

Bakenhus told Turner late last year that the board was “’99 percent’ in favor” of spending $60,000 to demolish the 1932 brick building. The church has a signed contract to tear down the structure this summer.

Photo: Heights Blog

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  • Sounds like Sue Lovell’s spokesman is a little clueless. But then Sue Lovell is a little clueless.

    No offense to anyone but given the number of truly historic buildings that have been torn down in this city of preservationitsts who don’t seem too successful in preserving anything, what, on second thought, is so special about this church?

  • Matt Mystery,

    It’s a beautiful old church. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Losing this church is way more significant to the neighborhood than the occasional demolition of 1-family-bungalows. Shame on you Lutherans.