IKEA Checkout Gets Some Sexy

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmGp3rfOXNc 400 330]

After a summer-long silence, SexyATTACK is back, with this unbridled celebration of . . . uh, retail!

The IKEA on I-10 is a big store. Someone’s got to dance in it.

Sexy does salad bar, after the jump!


A little lunch at the Jason’s Deli at Westheimer and Shepherd:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU7HeNeL_l0 400 330]

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  • uhm.. I don’t get it.. am I tool old?

  • Someone has nothing to do with their time?

    I guess “sexy” doesn’t want to be a productive member of society…

  • I like Eric Prydz’s music, but I still don’t get the purpose of this?

  • If you don’t get it, then yes, you are too old ;). To me, it’s all about faux spontaneity, and bringing a bit of randomness to our otherwise overscheduled lives. I particularly enjoyed the W. Gray Kroger attack because so few people seemed to pay attention. Like it was such a part of the grocery shopping experience…

  • Now is the time on sprockets vhen we dance!

  • That was awesome. I wish more people would have stopped whatever they were doing at that moment and just joined in the fun. I would have.

    Go Sexy Goooooooooo! ;-)

  • Can’t I purchase a futon in peace without having to put up with strange men wearing slingshots jumping up and down like wankers on meth? Hey, as a European company, this is how we say “Howdy Houston!” If you don’t get it, you’re too f*cking old or not European sprockets enough. Free spirit baby!

    Loosen up you Houston redneck knuckle-dragging, cousing-humping, banjo-playing homophobic neanderthals. We Europeans are trying to educate you!! Doesn’t IKEA also give preferential treatment on parking to Prius owners over SUV drivers who can haul their own furniture? Eurotrash jackasses, through and through.