Il Palazzo del Donuts in Humble, and Other Dunkin’ Domains

Dunkin’ Donuts announced yesterday where it’ll be sprinkling 4 new stores across Houston. This rendering shows the standalone planned for 18315 W. Lake Houston Pkwy. in Humble. There’ll also be a location inside IAH’s Terminal E, one at 4130 Fairmont Pkwy. in Pasadena, and another, as suspected, at the renovated former Arby’s at 2330 S. Shepherd and Fairview. Last month, the chain opened the first of a reported 24 stores planned for the Houston area at 10705 Westheimer in Westchase.

Rendering: Rogue Architects via Houston Business Journal

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  • This might be the only time I’ve ever been somewhat envious of where my parents live.
    That area could use some decent breakfast locations. I’m partial to the breakfast tacos @ Tacos Flores, however, if i’m in Atascocita b/f noon. It wasn’t around when I was a kid, but it’s definitely legit. You’ve got to appreciate a place that started out as an actual shack.
    Yeah, yeah I’m a terrible son for not going up there more, but it feels as if Austin is closer than Atascocita. Although, that’s not stopping all the those new houses from being built out there. Jeez, pretty soon that area is going to choke itself with traffic. The lack of planning in the region is starting to catch up.

  • Good news! I thought they were just renovating the Arby’s on Shepherd. Dunkin’ Donuts in River Oaks, y’all! Now, if we could get a nice local gourmet doughnut shop. Do we really need more cupcake stores?

    @DNAguy, yes, our regional infrastructure is woefully lacking, and will bite us on the ass very soon when all these new apartments/homes come on line. Traffic has already increased in my Inner Loop ‘hood.

  • Donuts always remind me of when I was really bulimic in college.