I’ll Have a Giant Ragweed To Go, Please

Making its debut last night at the Sabine Promenade downtown: The Buffalo Bayou Invasive Plant Eradication Unit, equipped with gardening tools, microscopes and plant presses, and a taco-truck style ordering counter where you can report or learn about the latest local vegetation battles. The food-truck-style mobile exhibit and lab is the work of New York artist Mark Dion, commissioned by the Houston Arts Alliance and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Next stops: the Holly Hall Retirement Community Plant and Bulb Mart at 2000 Holly Hall St. (on Friday) and the Native Plant Symposium at the Omni Hotel at Eldridge Parkway and the Katy Freeway (Saturday). Look for the converted Ford van with the skull and crossed pitchfork and shovel.

Photo: Meredith Deliso

4 Comment

  • So they paid some guy in New York to paint something dumb on a van instead of paying for locals to go out and actually kill invasive species?

  • I wish we could know the price tag for this tripe trying to pass as Art.

  • Another waste of money and one of the reasons I’ll NEVER donate funds to either of these misguided organizations !!! A complete WASTE of precious money. What a joke !!! And who at HAA & BBP ok’d paying a fricking NY artiste to do this heinous truck? Obviously he/she/they think Houston artists aren’t good enough. Time to get rid of the decision makers at HAA & BBP. They suck and not in a good way !!!

  • Invasive species were sooo 2010, unless your talking zebra muscles, your just gonna have to get over the passion flower vine creeping up your azaelea. Climate change is a beeyatch suckas…