Impressions of a Renoir Condo Rental



There’s a balcony off the dining-room prow in the corner penthouse for lease in the midrise Renoir building north of River Oaks Shopping Center. Up on the 8th floor of the Randall Davis project, the 2-story condo unit has views on 3 sides, sweeping from the Galleria area to downtown. The $7,500 per month rate appears to include the furnishings — but don’t assume pets are OK, the listing says.






Marble floors shine all the way through the 3,468-sq.-ft. unit’s first level, in which large windows frame the color and light of a changing sky. One of the 3 bedrooms is off a small hallway tucked behind the open-plan kitchen:




Upstairs, a lofted study area leads to . . .


the master bedroom suite, its windows looking like something out of La Bohême (though far less gritty and consumptive):






Here’s the first floor’s bedroom . . .


and the neighboring, second full bathroom for shared use downstairs:


Down in the building’s lobby, there’s this waiting area by the elevators:


plus a mural that tries to channel the building’s namesake artist:


The unit comes with 2 parking spaces, 2 storage units, and a trash chute.

Sky Season

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  • Every time someone wants to put up a midrise/highrise in a residential area, residents complain about having the building in their backyard get shouted down as being irrational busybodies. But every time I see a listing for some over the top high end unit in one of these buildings, there is a high powered telescope somewhere in the building. Given all the light pollution in Houston, stargazing is not a likely use for the telescope.

  • What happened to the bathrooms? Blew all their marble budget on the acres of living room space?

  • Yeesh. The inside is just as ugly the exterior of that monster. Randall Davis does terrible stuff design-wise.

  • The living room looks like a lobby. Nice view, probably very quiet but the opposite of cozy. Would make a good zen monastery.

  • Good point, Old School. Peeping with a scope is the multi-story residential version of “getting to know your neighbors”.

  • Jesus, money does not equal taste.

  • I love that dining room view!! The rest of the place, not so much. I can’t imagine having hard surface floors in every room. My feet need wood or cork or something that has some “give” to it.

  • Brrrrrr

  • Looks like a rapper lives there. And that”s not a good thing.

  • I must not have good taste because this place looks awesome to me.

  • Geez, how truly tacky –reminds me of one of those Persian Monstrosities I used to see in Beverly Hills—just awful

  • Between the distance between the fridge and the rest of the kitchen, and the hike from kitchen dining table…. I’m guessing that not a lot of cooking goes on here

  • Jeez the finishes are all over the place. No set style.

  • The echoing would drive me batty.

  • I am not certain that where the dining table is setup was truly intended as a dining area but rather a sitting area. I believe the dining area was intended to be closer to the stairs and kitchen. Love the main floor, bathroom finishes are hidious.

  • Positively ghastly… At least this condo is large enough to accommodate furniture, I’ve seen many by the builder that are not. Mr. Davis’ buildings certainly have a distinct signature.

  • Ewww, bathrooms and kitchen have same cabinets and hardware (although the kitchen cabinets are painted or stained with a grey wash). I’m sure it saves money, but it isn’t like these rooms “flow” into each other.

  • Glad to see the inside of that place is as ugly as the outside. That building is an abomination.

  • yikes>>>> randell davis

  • It looks more like a showroom than a place where someone could live. I just can’t imagine happy things going on in that glossy, empty space.

  • I like the design of this property except for the flooring of it. For me it’s ugly!