Improving the Dirt at the Old KBR Site

Swamplot reader Robert Meaney sends some observations along with these photos from the Fifth Ward of the 136-acre former KBR industrial property, sold a little more than a year ago and most recently designated for use as a private helistop: “I know they have been excavating for some time to get the contaminated soil out of the area. Currently they are scheduled to be finished digging up the lot by [December of] this year and according [to] the KBR manager I talked to on site the land will be up to commercial and residential standards.”

Photos: Robert Meaney

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  • Who bought the property? Why isn’t this known? Seems like there should be some kind of record of the buyer.

  • Ahh, sweet memories.

    I was working for a consulting company back in early 2000s and had Halliburton/KBR/etc as a client.

    We worked in the one of their circa 1950’s buildings on the property and I remember the super proud signs above the water fountain that stated “Certified Lead Free”.

    Too bad they didn’t have a certified asbestos free sign for the building. After spending quite a bit of money to put pig on the lipstick of a building and moving us in there was an abrupt move out rumored to be due to asbestos.

    I wonder what independent organization did the environmental investigation on this property to determine the extensive remediation required.

  • All the soil samples had to go to the state for review. They were supposedly out for review for a couple years and as of last year finnaly got ok to dig. They will still need to submit another round of soil samples but it should take less time now that the state is on notice.

  • @DROD

    William Harrison bought the KBR site, as reported in the Chronicle last fall.