In Midst of Carefully Planned Restaurant Expansion, Canopy Gains Sudden Drive-Thru Addition

Accident at Canopy Restaurant, 3939 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, Houston

Accident at Canopy Restaurant, 3939 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, HoustonAbout 3 years ago, Canopy added an actual canopy to the south side of its spot at the end of the 3939 Montrose strip center. (It required a variance from the city.) More recently, the restaurant has been busy installing a new coffee bar and bar bar in the space next door, which it’ll be expanding into. (Former neighbor Montrose Dry Cleaners relocated further north in the same center a while back.) But the latest addition proceeded much more suddenly: Yesterday afternoon, around 2:30, a customer saw fit to install a drive-thru directly in front of the restaurant, by stepping on the gas pedal while under the impression that the car was in reverse.


Accident at Canopy Restaurant, 3939 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, Houston

The car made it halfway inside before stopping. One person, a valet attendant, was injured, but is expected to be able to return to work within a few days.

Owners Claire Smith and Russell Murrell aren’t keeping the new way in, though: Plywood installed yesterday where the storefront was smashed got a fresh coat of paint this morning (see photo above). And minus a bit of sunlight — until replacement glass is installed — the restaurant remains open.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (accident); Twitter user SteelHand (plywood)

Not So Fast

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  • They added a drive thru! Cool! ;p

  • I’d bet my beloved dog’s life on the fact that this was a woman holding an iced frapuccino.

  • We’re sure it was a customer that accidentally drove through the door? That place has the WORST valets. We walk over often with our dog to enjoy the patio and have seen valets (on multiple occasions) bottom out and tap many cars when parking.

  • Time to take grandma’s license away….

  • I have never understood how this happens. The problem here isn’t the fact the car was in reverse, the problem is that you shouldn’t be on the gas when you thinking backing up period. If you were to actually have it in reverse and give it that much gas, you probably are just as likely to hit a pedestrian, bike, or smash another car.