In Praise of Carnegie Vanguard’s Mixed-Use Parking Garage

IN PRAISE OF CARNEGIE VANGUARD’S MIXED-USE PARKING GARAGE What does HISD have to show for that $805 million approved in 2007 for new school construction and renovation? MaryScott Hagle reviews the results at Lockhart, Herod, and Peck elementaries and gives props to RdlR Architects for the design of Carnegie Vanguard High School at 1501 Taft — though she seems most taken with the parking garage, which was, she writes, “originally planned for one story that grew to two when the City of Houston offered to pitch in, in exchange for community access to the school’s ball fields on the weekends. . . . Furthermore, the garage itself is dual-purpose: when the academic day is over and the students who park on the garage roof go home, the Carnegie tennis team takes over for practice.” [OffCite] Photo: HISD

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  • “Value engineering”? Cost cutting?

  • Value engineering is why we have laser printed name plates on our cubicles at work instead of engraved ones.

  • Their cross country team uses the park along Buffalo Bayou for training. Love to see them take advantage of this location.

  • This is a great linked article. I attended Herod Elementary from Fall 1977 through the Spring of 1983. We were proud of our school’s namesake who sacrificed his life by flying his crippled plane away from a populated area before attempting to eject. His widow visited the school when I was in the second grade. I haven’t been in the new school, but I’m happy that they attempted to honor Capt. Herod in the design.

    Nice to read about Carnegie, too. I hope to send my kids there. :)

  • RIP Olde Carnegie, the mudpit courtyard, horse neighbors, and the creepy elementary school/motel vibe.