In Shepherd Plaza, Le Mort du Peep

No more le breakfast, no more le lunch: Catching workers moving equipment out of Le Peep in Shepherd Plaza, a Swamplot reader sends in this photo. That’s a U-HAUL — er, le trailer — backed up to the doors. “Closed without notice!” cries le tipster. “I asked a worker and he said this location is closed for good.” Le Peep has 6 other restaurants in Houston.

Photo: loves swamplot

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  • Shepherd Plaza seems like it has been in its death throes for at least the last six or seven years. It is a bastion of perpetual vacancy and whole host of startups that failed quickly. The owner should raze the entire thing from Shepherd to Greenbriar and develop one more of Swamplot’s favorite five story brick and stucco cookie cutter apartment complexes.

  • What? Every time I go there it is always crowded and hard to find a place to park. Always thought Freebird’s and Amy’s were doing OK, too.

  • Stucco cookie cutter is OK, even if it has faux turrets, as long as it MIXED USE.

  • Agreed, Chef. I think it would be an excellent location for good mixed-use. Use the space east of Sandman for retail parking. If the University Line ever actually gets built, it would be a perfect development option with great transportation accessibility.

  • most of shepard plaza has parking garage on top of the building also. Rent must be too high for anything to make it there, but this is a well designed strip center. 8.0 bar had a helluva run there

  • It should be demolished would be a great site for mixed use.

  • HEB controls the fate of this site. Surely they’ve received many overtures from would-be apartment developers. They have deep pockets and can keep the place just as it is for as long as they see fit. The timing sure seems ripe for a doze and build though.

  • The place always smelled musty to me, I stopped going there some time ago. I do wonder how La Peep makes it without serving dinner.


  • I seem to recall that they’ve put some money into Shepherd Plaza over the last year or so…like replacing rooftop A/C units, painting, etc. Didn’t appear to attract any tenants, though

  • If an Arthur Murray dance studio can’t survive there…..