In the Shadows of a $520K Updated Lancaster Place Bungalow

The wraparound porch of this updated 1928 bungalow in Lancaster Place lands on the side of the home on the far side of the former Fiesta Mart site 3 lots to the west, where the announced 8-story Finger apartment project (The Susanne) is about to go up. The recessed porch’s overhang shades the bedrooms that line up along the driveway, but the living and dining side of the property appears to get plenty of light — for now at least –  from the west and apartment-free south. The home appeared on the market Wednesday; it has a $520,000 asking price.


HCAD indicates some remodeling took place in 1992. At some point, the wall between the living and dining room was removed to make the space all one room. And a mismatched pair of half-height walls now act as bumpers for the breakfast nook by the kitchen:

It’s a 2-bedroom, 2- bathroom home of 1,528 sq. ft. That includes the light-filled extra room with a greenhouse feel located off the master suite:

A wooden deck grabs some rays. Next door, there’s a vacant lot. This lot, which measures 6,700 sq. ft., backs up to the twenties vintage homes-turned-commercial properties along W. Alabama (just visible above the fence in the photo below). The Menil Collection is over and down a block toward Mandell St. and the H-E-B Montrose Market is just past the razed-and-fenced apartment construction zone.

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  • Really nice bungalow I like the remodel it is overpriced by $75k to $100k

  • Nice house. Seems fairly priced. Lot value is probably around $425k.

  • probably hopes some developer wants it…..

  • It’s a cool house, I like the minimalist Furniture, nice updates. Uh, let’s hope you’re wrong about a developer buying it.

  • Its not a good mark for a developer because Lancaster Place has good deed restrictions, which they will defend. A developer ended up selling the lot 4 houses down because he couldn’t get a variance to build a duplex there.
    The Menil probably has a 1st refusal on it, so they are starting high. Despite the apartment complex the location is kind of unbeatable and there are only about 3-8 properties that close to the Menil that the foundation doesn’t own.

  • Love those clerestories! This house is four lots down from one of my favorite contemporaries at #1614.

    I fear the charm of this little nook will be lost once the S.S. Susanne docks next door, especially if the parking structure is the typical unfinished concrete so popular around here. Keep bringing Brutalism back, guys…

  • Incredible tree cover, you can’t even see the house from Google satellite view

  • Love the sunroom on the back. Great house, but too bad about the Ikea kitchen and Perry Home bathroom renovations though. My slam on the Ikea kitchen is that it is sooo bland. I’ve seen some really nice Ikea kitchens, and this ain’t one of them.

  • This house wouldn’t be considered overpriced if it weren’t so close to the back of the soon to rise apartment building. I am not even sure it is overpriced even given the location. A complete tear down on Kipling in Winlow Place listed at $490k. I don’t know the contract price but it was pending in 2 days. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see this pending in less than a week.

  • Rodrigo: 1604 Sul Ross is the home of the Menil director.

  • Nice. I think it could use a little color on the walls (not beige) but that’s just me.

    The kitchen could use color too.

  • nice house in the a perfect location, but wow, would not want to be sitting on that mortgage and tax appraisal when the market cycles down.

  • Um. No. Why buy a bungalow without the cozy, classic interior? Fail.

  • For the armchair “It is overpriced crowd,” it is sold. That was a really glacial pace of nearly a week from listed to option pending. (Well nearly a week to get HAR updated anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sold by Sunday.) Do the folks that post that these bungalows are overpriced actually live in inside the loop “real estate frenzy” Houston? I suspect that those who don’t just don’t get it; hence they think everything is overpriced. It is a Montrose thing. You wouldn’t understand.

  • Charlie – how much did it sell for, that’s the real question, not whether it sold. Anyway, it seems that in this market plenty of overpriced houses are selling quickly due to a lack of inventory.

  • @Patrick: A little late, but thanks!