Indians on Scotland

INDIANS ON SCOTLAND After a ceremony yesterday, this 1984 office building across from the Cleveland Park at 4300 Scotland St. in Magnolia Grove is the new official home of the Consulate General of India. The Indian government bought the building in August. Next door: the Gables Memorial Hills apartments. [Voice of Asia] Photo: LoopNet

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  • It’s great that Houston has so many Consulates! Houston is an especially international city.

  • I wanted that for studio space, but alas not to be.. It’s not handicap able, I don’t see anyway for anyone disabled to get up those stairs. I used to live a couple houses down.

  • Maybe all Visitors will be Yogis who can levitate.

  • It’s actually in the 4300 block of Scotland. I work six blocks west of it and there is a steady stream of confused Indian people coming to our building because GoogleMapQuestGPS keeps directing them to us. As for why the consulate would buy a building in such a difficult location, with such odd parking (on teeny-tiny O’Reilly Street behind), so far from the other consulates in Uptown, is a mystery.

  • @Miz: Hope we didn’t confuse visitors further. Address corrected now.

  • om……… still bound by gravity darn..