Inside a Hollowed-Out River Oaks Shopping Center Corner Where Perry’s Steakhouse Is on the Way

A reader sends photos looking inside a gutted corner of the southern River Oaks Shopping Center building east of McDuffie St. Formerly home to California Pizza Kitchen, Evolve Fitness Studio, Birraporetti’s, and Sherlock’s Pub, it’s now slated for a 2-floor Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille. A TABC notice has been posted on the storefront since March:


Houston’s historic commission denied a proposal from the shopping center’s owner Weingarten Realty last June to make significant alterations to the building — including raising the floor and ceiling of its second level. The decision barred Weingarten from making the changes for 90 days, but left it free to proceed after then.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (interior and TABC sign); Weingarten Realty (California Pizza Kitchen)

W. Gray & McDuffie

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  • I miss the old Birraporetti’s that was there, the bar, the pizza, the Sunday jazz brunches. Once they “re-concepted” the location to compete with the Tony Vallone restaurant across the street it died. Maybe Perry’s can succeed, but I don’t think Houston needs another steak restaurant.

  • I tried the Perry’s down south. It was not good steak.

  • I think Perry’s is known more for the ginormous pork chop than the steak.

  • Really sad I just left the neighborhood before being able to make the Friday pork chop special a weekly event.

  • Perry’s may not be the best steakhouse but it’s not bad for the price. We already have plenty of high end steak houses, we need something in the mid price range. Better than Saltgrass but not as expensive as Pappa’s or B&B. A dinner for 2 with wine can be had here for less than $300. I live within walking distance and will appreciate this much more than the CKP that was there before.

    As for the historical significance of the building, the CKP didn’t seem that historic to me.

  • Jgriff said: “… we need something in the mid price range. …. A dinner for 2 with wine can be had here for less than $300.”

    In what world is this in the middle price range?

  • Steak is easy. I can cook a great steak at home on the Weber charcoal grill for however much I’m willing to spend on raw meat. If I’m going out for steak it needs to be fantastic. Perry’s was not fantastic.

  • @WR: River Oaks. It’s not unusual to see multiple $400k cars in the River Oaks shopping center every night. I dont think the rich folks will go to Perry’s Steakhouse much though, it’s a little too honky tonk.

  • Please don’t raise the ceiling & roof – just fit in the architecture.
    In fact, if the food and service is awesome enough, you don’t even have to change that rough, hollowed-out interior; I love it.

  • Yeah, I agree. Birraporetti’s was great and a go-to for lots of Rice students. Also, for that matter, Haagen-Dasz, the River Oaks Theatre and Marfreless.

  • And Perry’s Meat Market and Grille in Friendswood is quite good, and while not a bargain restaurant, is certainly well below $100 for dinner for two.

  • Neither Birraporetti’s nor California Pizza Kitchen are missed by me. Bleh!

  • HouCynic, I doubt anyone misses the food from Birra’s (although their pizza was good), but the place itself back in the day was really cool. I waited tables there in college and had a blast. Jam-packed Thursday nights, bagpipes, and the Salad Sisters entertaining in the back party room. (yikes)

  • I remember when there was a nightclub called Artuzzi’s (sp?) there when I believe it was still downstairs Birraporettis. Good times;j