Inside a Remodded Midcentury Home in Idylwood

Updates introduced to this 1950 home in Idylwood over the past 5 years played up its midcentury roots. Listed Thursday, the compact-but-complete property is asking $223,900. Brays Bayou is a block or so up the street. Gus Wortham Golf Course and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word’s Villa de Matel (and its chiming carillon) are also nearby.


A wooden deck extends the landing pad (above) at the front door, which opens into what is now the 1,430-sq.-ft. home’s dining room:

The hardwood floors are original. The built-ins are from 2011; they left open space for a pop of color or accent piece — or both.

Some of the recent changes include the opened section of wall (at left in the photo below) between the original dining room (now the living room) and kitchen:

Cabinetry almost reaches the ceiling in the kitchen, remodeled in 2009:

In the corner, bench seating has flip-top storage:

At the front of the home, this room has been used as a study and office:

The double closets with sliding doors (above) and private bathroom label this as the master suite:

The other bedroom gets the street view:

In the hallway, another full bath displays its original tile fittings and porcelain floor:

At the back of the house, a covered walkway leads to the 1-car garage, which contains the utility room. The midblock lot, measuring 5,750 sq.-ft., has tidy landscaping — including the orange tree in the photo below, acanthus, rosemary, basil, lavender, Mexican Sage, and Navaho blackberries.

An automated gate across the back of the driveway also supports some serious foliage:

The home has an open house scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

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  • It’s well done, and the price is fair enough, considering it’s not the typical Idylwood cottage (which I would think would command a higher price, simply because it’s the type of house people expect to find in that neighborhood).

    Looking on HAR, and there’s not much decent on the 77023 market that doesn’t already have a contract, so this one probably goes fast.

  • I figure a nun must have escaped from the convent down the street and decided to make herself one cool house…

  • I like this house.

  • Very cool house, and I really like these cool black doors with thin strips of glass in them — certainly unique. But I’m confused about one thing — does the front door open directly into a dining room (not to be confused with the breakfast nook off the kitchen)? And is the living room in the back?

  • Looks great! I may need to check out the open house!

  • They switched the original living area into a dining area, the original dining area into a den, and the origial den into a living room.

  • I bet it will be sold before they even get to the open house.

  • Wow, this is just about perfect. Both house and yard. I love that front door.

  • Hooray! No walls of beige, tan, almond, cream, ivory, eggshell, etc.

    I love a bit of color and I’m happy to see gray on the walls. The yard is a bonus.

    I always wonder why someone would want to leave a neat home such as this. However, I do realize that there are job considerations, family size and personal situations that often dictate where “we” live.

  • That is a pretty incredible pad. If I worked in that area, I would certainly be on the bid.

  • Hmmmm, I still stand by my above comment that this property is just about perfect . In looking at the HAR photos again, it is just possible a time travel machine is included with purchase since the outside wall by front door was painted in Fall 2013. Nice future color pick!

  • This house will be pending by mid Sunday afternoon.

  • Already pending.

  • already pending as of Sunday morning

  • What a great job they did with this house! I am seriously considering this one…

  • I guess this is what happens when a homeowner only has an Ikea credit card.

  • Wow, the nice re-do’s go fast. Congrats to the homeowners.

  • yep, went to go see the open house on sunday and a deal was already done. its a nice house. the yard isn’t quite as big as it looks in the pictures and the utility room being in the garage is a bit interesting (doing laundry outside in August is probably great). The ikea comment is fair – the kitchen cabinets are all ikea, but its all nicely done in the house. I think for what they were asking and the location, its a nice house.

  • I don’t think they sell George Nelson Bubble lamps at Ikea.

  • Does anyone know if a designer/contractor was hired to do the re-do of the house or if it was performed by the owners?

  • I know the folks involved and here are some very belated notes:
    Work was done by the owners themselves. One of them works full time in corporate interior design.
    As some noted, the usage of the rooms was switched around a bit for today’s market.