Inside a Spanking Clean Meyerland Mod Just North of the Bayou and $600K



Nubbly textures abound in the interior of this 1960 Mod by Brenham architect Travis Broesche. The low-pitched presence in Meyerland popped up on the market Friday, just in time for an open house over the weekend; it has a $619,000 asking price.



Time-traveling elements unfold well before before you even enter the home, which is furnished and finished to match its days of future passed . . .



The interior is a glass act, with floor-to-ceiling windows and rows of clerestories atop the 3,290-sq.-ft. home’s exterior walls. Other surfaces in the main living areas feature paneled wood and brick:



A double set of shuttered doors in the background of the family room photo above front a bar:


Just off the family room (and kitchen), the floor plan includes this sunny room jutting into a portion of the back yard, which is on the south side of the 12,920-sq.-ft. lot:



The listing touts the kitchen’s Okite countertops and stainless-steel appliances, which include double ovens, both electric:



It’s a 3-bedroom home, with 3 full bathrooms. Here’s what appears to be the master suite:



The updated master bathroom has divided vanities and a shower-only option.




An extra room in the floor plan is good for a stroll:



There’s a 2-car garage behind an automated gate:



Though there’s been plenty of more recent work, HCAD indicates the property was renovated in 1990. It’s located just a block north of Brays Bayou near South Rice Ave. in a neighborhood that carries a $475 annual maintenance fee.


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  • Nice to see another MCM saved from the bulldozer. Check out the street view – the original orange front door would make Mike Brady proud!

  • Cut the price in half and I’d still be not interested.

  • Nice interior spaces, and the back yard is a clean slate, shovel-ready (you know, for planting). Remove the Eams chair and it’s nearly perfect. But…it’s in a 100 year flood plain, like most of that area. I wonder how the property fared during Allison.

  • These wonderful 50s-60s ranches are perfectly suited for our city: easier to heat/cool, low profile better withstands hurricane-force winds, owners can age in place, the garage doesn’t take up the entire first floor, etc. It’s a shame so many of them get torn down for godawful McMansions. Glad to see this one survived.

  • @commonsense

    It’s a large, tasteful and well-appointed house in a desirable neighborhood. The price seems reasonable.

    Honestly, given their land values, would you be interested in a house in any central or central(ish) neighborhood?

  • Wow. I love it. It is great to see a mcm that still looks like a mcm and not a country cottage.

  • @Texasota, I see an out of date, energy inefficient, and functionally obsolete structure on a lot that floods in every hurricane. I know they’re reaching up to Bellaire to justify this price, but realistic comps would only support a price in the mid $300k.

  • 3000+ sq ft. Large lot. Bellaire schools. Wonderful renovation worthy of a feature in a national publication. 619k is a bargain. Only drawbacks are being close to 610 and one good tropical storm from having the bayou in your living room.

  • Swank-E! I love it.

  • @commonsense – Zillow says this is worth $478k. I could see it getting $500 or so. It is 3200 sqft – anything below $400k would be a steal in Meyerland. With all the updates I can see $500k.

    And I doubt this home has flooded anytime in the past 20 years – south side of the bayou is worse than the north side. It may have never flooded – not sure.

  • @commonsense, the average selling price for ALL 3 bedroom homes in Meyerland since Oct 1, 2013 has been $172.66/sf. That would put this home at over $568k. Now, I realize this isn’t a very scientific (or proper) way to do comps, but I just wanted to take a VERY quick look at the numbers to show how off-base I think you are on the mid-$300k estimate. In fact, I also looked at everything that sold under $400k during that same time period and none of them compared to this home. Note: I am not saying the $619k is necessarily the right number on this home, but it’s certainly not mid-$300k either. As an aside, I have the utmost respect for Jackie Zehl (the listing agent) when it comes to this sub-market and this home is a relocation listing. Given those two points, I don’t think the list price is out of line. A buyer will prove one of us wrong eventually.

  • Commonsense: we know you don’t like anything that’s more than 10 years old.
    Meyerland is a great neighborhood. Lot value for that house is close to $300,000, and houses that aren’t nearly as well done regularly sell in the $500s. So $600k is not a stretch.
    That said, I’d like to see a knockoff / budget version in Sharpstown for $165k. That would really rock my boat.

  • Mid 300s? That was a good laugh, Commonsense. Maybe if it was in Hempstead!

  • @commonsense

    We moved to the Meyerland area last year, and we found during our house hunting that if you want to buy nearly anything in Meyerland proper (i.e. the area bounded by the West Loop, Beechnut, Chimney Rock and West Bellfort and zoned to Bellaire H.S.), which is where this house is, you have to pay at least $400K. The only time this isn’t the case is when the house is in complete disrepair. That is definitely not the case here. I think this house is beautiful, and it appears to be well-maintained. $619K is probably a stretch, but they will likely sell it for at least $500K.

  • Apparently it’s already pending…

  • Here’s the blank slate for my Sharpstown budget/knockoff version. IKEA kitchen and bathrooms instead of custom. Eurway furniture instead of Herman Miller….
    Can someone loan me $165,000?

  • Anything remodeled / restored to this degree inside the loop or in Meyerland / Bellaire / Briar will draw a bidding war in this environment. A friend bid $634 on this Monday evening, and he is second in line….

  • It almost never fails…every time some idiot knowitall proclaims a property to be so overpriced, it is pending with multiple offers.

  • Common sense has a way of stirring things up with the hit and run off the mark comments. In this case the market was all that was needed to show the true value of the property because it is already a pending sale. While we don’t yet know the exact details, I am certain they didn’t accept $300k

  • Yes, yes, hoisted by my own petard. I had a client look for a house in the area (within several blocks of that location) just 6 months ago and there were plenty of similar homes in the $350 range.

  • It must have been quite a bidding war. It went straight from Active to Pending, so there is no Option Period, making the offer much more attractive. Obviously someone really wanted this place. Can you imagine the interest if commonsense had set the price on it? ;)

    We should know what it sold for around 2/20.

  • Regular readers of Swamplot know that Commonsense isn’t in the business of being right, he/she is in the business of anti-urban trolling, and will not return to address instances where he/she has had his/her ass thoroughly handed to him/her.

  • @Commonsense. I’ll bet those “similar houses” were lot value tear downs. $350k is doable in that neighborhood for one of those. Not for a well-restored, architecturally significant Mod.
    That said, I found another, perhaps better option for the Sharpstown budget/knockoff version: It leaves a lot more room for renovations, but it’s already pending….

  • Yes, yes, hoisted by my own petard. I had a client look for a house in the area (within several blocks of that location) just 6 months ago and there were plenty of similar homes in the $350 range.
    If by “similar”, you mean sub-2,000 sqft fixer-uppers, you’re right on target!

  • ZAW, those are some pretty sweet houses.

  • Anyone who knows Houston well understands and appreciates that comps don’t mean a thing when a highly sought after, constantly evolving locale is involved. Are the previous comments from people who wish they could have made the offer? Passive aggressive much? Congratulations to both the buyer and the seller!

  • I’m not sure that anyone will come back to read this, but it’s time for an update nonetheless!

    The home closed today, 8 days later than expected. The sales price? $611,385…almost 99% of the $619,000 listing price. The market HAS spoken.