Inside Braeburn Valley’s House of the Dolls

“Wanna play?” asks the reader who clued Swamplot in to the nonstop . . . uh, doll party going on at this house in Braeburn Valley.

Why, yes, you’re invited! Won’t you stop by for a visit?


Sure, it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2-bath mod dating from 1959. And the lot measures almost 10,000 sq. ft. But the home also appears to have been operating as something of an antiques store. Just look how many friends can fit in here!

The 2,150-sq.-ft. home was just listed yesterday. Asking $184,500.

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  • Pink carpet???

    Granny must have died.

  • So much for staging.

    Where is HGTV when you need them?

  • Are the dolls for sale? My Xian warrior is looking for a little sumthin’ sumthin’.

  • We just sold the homestead ourselves and we spoke with many realtors in the process. Most of them are, if I may be blunt, idiots.
    What realtor in his or her right mind would take pictures of a house in that condition? Make the bed, hide the dolls, declutter – take half a day and spiff it up first.
    Even common sense evades them! And yet the numbnuts who got this listing will walk away with 6k for doing virtually nothing.
    This is a business model desperately in need of reform!

  • The dolls are so creepy. I’m just sayin…

  • Amen, JRo. I still get the willies when I think about a certain Night Gallery episode….

  • I KNOW! It scared the bejeezus outta me when I was a kid…

  • no such thing as bad PR! Just bad staging

  • Oh my Gosh…..I think a more appropriate title might be “Valley of the Dolls”. Just Awful and creepy.

  • Wilf – thanks for that. It caused out loud laughing.

  • Yeah I’m with Jessica. Wilf gets Comment of Day in my book

  • It’s always a pleasure to read a Wilf post!

  • It looks so innocent from the street… sigh. This is reminiscent of the house of sock monkeys a few years back. And yeah … this is a Staging 911 if I ever saw one. The wallpaper in the breakfast room would make me hurl my cheerios. And what’s with the mirrored ceiling in the bathroom?

  • fantastic! you can even see them in the backyard view…

  • But strangely, it appears there are no dolls in (what looks to be) the master bedroom.

    I’m betting there’ll be an estate sale in this house’s future.

  • MY EYES!

  • I am trying to reconcile the truck parked out front with the dolls camped inside. Does. Not. Compute.

  • I think the truck belongs to the agent.
    Grannie just died and Gramps is selling.
    The two, lonesome green velour loungers speak volumes.

  • My co-worker thinks the doll in photo #11 messed up the bed before sliding to the end of it. None of the other dolls are SITTING on the floor!!

  • I submitted it to HGTV ‘Tips and Myths on Staging’ for emergency intervention. Suggested that the Listing Agent have his license revoked for Crimes Against Humanity

  • This was where my family and I lived 1973-1976. Lots of happy memories! I’m sure our decor would seem equally awful.