Inside Houston’s First ‘Sky Pool’; Historic Landmark Heights Pumping Station Sale


Photo of Central Station Main: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re Texas Junk Company…

    I went in there only a handful of times, but I did speak to Bob on occasion as I live very close to the place. I hate to wonder what will go in, but most likely more four story monstrosities… it used to be three, but now people need to be higher to have their views of downtown. I suppose someday we’ll see five story houses. Ha!
    On another note, I talked to Bob and he told me there are still gasoline tanks under the building, with gasoline still in them! Hopefully whomever purchases the lot is made aware of this.

  • @MontroseResident, There already are 5 stories ones near Lovett/Westheimer and Taft/Whitney. Look like brick silos.

  • @MontroseResident and @HeyHeyHouston,
    There are also some 5-story townhomes at the corner of McDuffie and Colquitt, directly across from Takara So.

  • @HeyHeyHouston, @GoogleMaster..
    Yes, you are right. I remember the mansion they tore down on Taft and Lovett to make room for those brick silos! And coincidentally, after Daylight Savings time change, I start to walk to work (4.5 miles each way), and I used to walk by those on Colquitt and recall when it was just a bunch of mud.
    I also would take the route from Montrose into River Oaks, and I also have seen some big monsters there too. I took photos of the progress, about every other week. It will be interesting when I start walking to work again next week to see all the changes.

  • Well, isn’t the incessant and confusing drive for densification going to result in more and more stories piled up in residences that need the room?

  • Nothing unpleasant or confusing about the desire of humans to have easy access to infrastructure and amenities that improve standards of living, but a 5-story TH must be like what 3,000sqft?
    These are yuppies and retired folks, not mormon families.

  • I live right next to Taft and Hawthorne where they tore down that awesome building to build those giant brick shit boxes. I’m all for people being able to do what they want with their property, but it doesn’t make me less sad to see something cool get blown up.