Inside HSPVA’s New Downtown Campus; New Owner, Name for West Ave Shopping Center

Photo of the Graustark St. Bridge over 59: Mark Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • As someone who drove a VW diesel in Houston, and still miss it dearly, it seems obvious to me that each city should be awarded a portion of the funds based on percentage of diesel cars in service.
    This money was NOT meant to be another slush fund for the Austin elites to disburse as they choose. It was awarded as compensation to the communities that were directly affected.
    But instead of addressing pollution we’re building electric car chargers and the like? What a waste of money.

  • I too had a VW Diesel and loved it. I love watching that netflix documentary about the issue and the fake outrage from the Cali person as she collects her check. “How DARE you sir!”

  • “Shops at Arrive” may be the dumbest name for a retail center in the history of mankind.

  • Ugh… One of the few things I like about Combat Kroger is the absence of those stupid self-checkout lanes.

  • TCEQ got all pissy when the City of Houston tried to regulate ship channel polluters. Since then, TCEQ has rarely fined ship channel industries for emissions events and the fines have been minimal. now, TCEQ is wagging its finger at Houston for not being closer to compliance with the Clean Air Act and penalizing it by giving much of the VW settle to San Antonio. That makes sense. Nothing to see here.

  • Will Combat Kroger keep its substantial inventory of prayer candles? All those shelves were cleaned out after Harvey.

  • Mr., Clean – is that the Dirty Money doc? I’ll have to look into that series, but can say already I don’t like the sound of the tone of that first episode ;)
    Old School, agreed, TCEQ is the definition of an oxymoron if there ever was one. The whole thing would be funny if there weren’t kids growing up in La Porte and Et al. that are guaranteed to get cancer because of the increased cancer rates in the area being linked to pollution.
    I suppose our cancer alley isn’t as big as Louisana’s, yet.