Inside That Unauthorized McDonald’s Interior Redo Down in Shadow Creek Ranch

Make that 55 days that the prank poster installed by UH student Jevh Maravilla and a group of accomplices has been hanging in the Shadow Creek Ranch McDonald’s. And there’ll be plenty more time to see it: An unidentified McDonald’s representative tells Eater Houston that the store at 2815 Business Center Dr. has no plans to take it down, noting however that renovations are planned in the future.

Maravilla (right) took the photo of him and his friend Christian Toledo (left) at the Westside Event Center — just a mile away on the opposite side of 288. He then added graphic elements to mimic the other wall art in the store and ordered a print through Office Depot’s online service. Clad in a McDonald’s employee shirt he picked up for $7 at a nearby thrift store — along with a tie, clip-on walkie-talkie, and fake nametag dubbing him a “Regional Interior Coordinator” — Maravilla entered the store and hung the poster with the help of a few more friends.

He describes the undercover op beginning at the one-minute mark in this video:


Want to see his handiwork for yourself? Don’t head up to the counter right away. Instead, look to your right upon walking through the front door:

To make your own pilgrimage, hang a right on Broadway St. then another right on Business Center Dr. after exiting off 288 south for FM 518.

Pass the Wells Fargo and you’ll see the drive-thru lane on your right:

If you reach the H-E-B Plus parking lot, you’ve gone too far:

Photos: Swamplox inbox

See the McPrank Yourself

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