Inside the Missouri City Home of an NFL Linebacker

Maybe the looks of this spa are too brutal a reminder of how the season went down the toilet? Houston Texans middle linebacker Brian Cushing injured his knee in October and was forced to watch from the sidelines as his team bowed out to the New England Patriots in the NFL playoffs. Now, his 7,007-sq.-ft. Missouri City home is for sale, starting at $1,299,900.


The home, built in 2007, has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. (That’s four full ones, two halves.) On Commanders Cove, it’s part of the Sienna Plantation master-planned community in Fort Bend County.

Inside the house, Cushing’s furnishings — ornately detailed tile inlay in the foyer, wrought-iron bannisters leading upstairs to the billiards table and bedrooms, throw pillows with tassels — seem to speak to the ferocity of the modern linebacker:

The billiards table overlooks the . . . foyer:

If the kitchen appliances appear seldom used, that’s only because Cushing eats quarterbacks for breakfast:

The master bedrooms and bath:

Part of any successful NFL player’s daily routine is film study:

There are plenty of guest rooms for back-and-forth gab sessions with teammates:

Photos: HAR

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  • Is that a poor man’s imagination of a rich man’s home?

  • It seems downright tasteful compared to some other million plus listings in Houston.

  • The hot tub looks like a giant toilet, the boys would pea in it w/out even looking around first.

  • That much money and your neighbors are still that close? No thanks.

  • Ugly granite. Mosaic floor in master. Braided wood cabinetry in kitchen. Over-the-top millwork. Cheap windows with awkward placement. Huge entry that’s next to impossible to furnish. It’s got every blinged out builder trick in the book.

  • I think you pretty much have to be up on the roof for the hot tub to look like a giant toilet. At pool level it’s just a big round thing.

    On the other hand, maybe that’s why Brian is moving.

  • Nothing says “I’ve made it!” like a prime view of a muddy ditch.

  • Post a link to some pics of your house, Anse.

  • I have a muddy ditch right behind my house and we love it. While some may argue this house implies more money than taste, I would wager some of the commenter’s tastes far exceed their means. That must be some consolation to have such superior sensibilities, even without the means to fully realize their potential.

  • No_PC_BS,
    Cush is that you? This was a nice starter home. No reason to get defensive. Pun intended, thanks.

  • It’s amazing how much house you can get for your $ when land price is basically $0