Inspectors Will Visit Many More Multifamily Apartment Complexes

INSPECTORS WILL VISIT MANY MORE MULTIFAMILY APARTMENT COMPLEXES Hundreds of multifamily apartments in Houston lack certificates of occupancy or compliance — documents which indicate the facility complies with the city’s basic building and safety standards.The city wants all properties to submit to an occupancy inspection and obtain a certificate, while also correcting any immediate structural, electrical or other problems inspectors identify. Those that do not respond to the city’s efforts to get a certificate or make repairs could face closure, [Mayor] White said.” [Houston Chronicle]

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  • I wonder if LULAC or LaRAZA will claim racism?…..

  • And don’t forget Quannell “Q-Tip” X too!

  • Your comments are as racist as what you suggest, kjb434. I’m surprised to see those here.

  • How? I’m criticizing the activist groups, not the people.

    The people are getting mistreated and are living in complexes run by slumlords. The mistreatment they are receiving though is not racism.

    I was pointing to how the aforementioned groups will play it up that it is racism instead of focusing on reality. These groups only care for themselves and popularity and not the people the purport to support.

  • Out of all the things to say, you commented on the peripheral players instead of making your points as done in your third post. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but I thought Gus’ page is about real estate with a humorous slant.

  • And it isn’t fun to poke at the peripheral groups?

    I always laugh when they are on TV and quoted in papers. Every time they speak they reinforce their irrelevance.

    I like this blog because is serves as a good aggregate of real estate information that I used to fine by going to a collection of sites.

    In my opinion, you may be a little to sensitive. I truly don’t care if I offend someone as long as my comments are based in reality and truth. I don’t live my life walking on eggshells. It’s a waist of my time and it accomplishes nothing in life.

    Back to the blog….

  • Racist? Good gawd Brad. Wear your feelings on your shirtsleeve much? If the groups KJ is poking fun at spent one tenth of the time they blow actually helping people instead of race baiting, they would be relevent. But instead they continuously stage themselves as race baiting opportunists taking advantage of people in dire circumstances.

    These horrid apartment complexes are a scourge on any neighborhood and should be held to every single letter of the law. They’re usually owned/operated by scummy real estate speculators who skirt the law at every opportunity. With an administration as screwed up as Houston’s is, it takes every ounce of action to compell the city to make these real estate scumbags comply with regulations. This is not to imply by any stretch of the imagination that all real estate professionals or developers are like this. However, every industry has it’s sewer dwellers that must be dealt with.

  • CK, I TOTALLY agree the slumlords should be held accountable, yada-yada. Houston seriously needs to crack down (excuse the pun) on these blights on our swamplot. That was not my concern.

    I just didn’t understand where kjb434’s comments fell in the discussion? ‘Nuff said about that, I’ll stick with real estate fun on Gus’ site from now on.