Internum Takes Over Where Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Took Off

This photo, sent straight from the street by a Kirby-cruising reader, shows the brief sign-free interregnum between the rule of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and its replacement, Internum, at 3303 Kirby. There’s been no change of ownership at the home furnishings store, and Internum will continue to sell MG+BW lines — at least for a little while. But luxury-goods company European Designs, operator of MG+BW stores in Houston, Miami, and Mexico City, is renaming and revamping its locations, adding in additional furniture brands like Poltrona Frau, Kenzo Maison, Baxter, Cappelini, and Flexform. European Designs also operates the Roche-Bobois stores in Houston and several other U.S. and Mexican cities.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Wow, thanks, SW for slapping me in the face with my extreme middle-classness. Didn’t recognize a single brand name. Don’t guess they carry any of those lines at Wal-Mart or Dollar General.

  • I recognize Roche Bobois only from laughing at the ridiculous-looking crap inside when sitting in traffic jams on San Felipe.

  • Roche Bobois designs are a still a little too blobby (i.e., French) for my taste, but it makes sense to me to buy a $400k mid century mod and fill it with nice Bobois furniture than to buy a $800k faux Tuscan Villa and fill it with Pottery Barn.

  • I love this place, glad to hear it is changing a bit though, I always though it needed a bit more of a variety.