Is 2520 Robinhood at Kirby Ready for Another Neighborhood Bar?

Remember that fun feud between a few residents of the 2520 Robinhood at Kirby condominiums and the tiny bar directly to its west? Well, now it looks like there’s a brand new bar getting ready to open directly to the tower’s east!

When last we left the 16-story Rice Village condo tower, residents had been placed under a court order prohibiting them from “running or pouring water or any other liquid” and “throwing any object whatsoever” onto Hans’ Bier Haus — after the bar’s owners complained to district court judge Patricia Hancock about an ongoing liquid and projectile campaign mounted against their partly open-air establishment by its eastern neighbors. (For good measure, the judge similarly prohibited the proprietors of the courtyard bar from trespassing on or “interfering with [residents’] peaceable use and enjoyment” of the condo building next door.)

But just as the legal and dousing action on the tower’s west side appears to have subsided comes the prospect for more neighborly interaction on the tower’s east: From Swamplot’s tip line we find these photos of another small building directly adjacent to the tower. What’s that new sign posted on the front window?


It’s notice that the property owner — Adam P. Kliebert of Southampton Homes — has applied to the TABC for a liquor license:

The single-story building at 2506 Robinhood is listed as the business office of Southampton Homes; HCAD records show Kliebert Development has owned it since 2001. Hans’ Bier Haus is located at 2523 Quenby, one block north. If the license goes through and Kliebert opens up a little nightspot next to 2520 Robinhood’s main entrance, the tower will be sandwiched by two neighborhood bars directly opposite each other.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • isnt this the same guy who got his car keyed by the judge?

  • Cool, east and westside feuds. Fun reading ensues.

  • this has the potential to go Wilshire Village on everyone!!!

  • Did these people bother to look down below so to speak before they bought? Or did they believe the surrounding neighborhood was going to be turned into a nice quiet residential neighborhood? Nice, and expensive, townhomes in the surrounding neighborhood doesn’t mean all the buildings housing the businesses, and bars, are going to be “redeveloped” although apparently some have been felled by Southampton Syndrome and believe they will now determine what can and cannot be developed on unrestricted land. Or be permitted in former single-family homes that were allowed to become businesses and forever will be businesses until the landlord decides otherwise.

  • It’s a tech-now club. And I heard from a guy… who heard from a gal…who heard from a guy who saw them moving eight Altec Lansing Voice of Theater speakers into the space. This won’t be one of those usual dark places, though. The space will be enhanced by four, large, retractable skylights…through which patrons may enjoy the laser show being broadcast from the roof. Ooo! Lasers and water won’t that be cool?!

  • This is the perfect guy to have a bar there; Deguello. – D Beebe


  • I have one word for the residents of the ugly high-rise. Karma ;-)

  • Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?