Is Astrodome Demolition Going To Be on the Ballot in November?

Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman and Judge Ed Emmett are already saying that, were that $217 million bond election to turn the Astrodome into a convention center (as shown in the rendering above) to fail this November, then the Dome would probably be torn down — but will that be stated clearly on the ballot? So far, that doesn’t seem to have been decided — or even mentioned as a possibility. What is clear is that the November vote is being touted as a this-or-nothing proposition. The Houston Chronicle’s Kiah Collier reports:

[Emmett and Morman] said Tuesday they see no other alternative than to demolish the former ‘Eighth Wonder of the World,’ which has sat vacant since city inspectors declared it unfit for occupancy in 2009. . . . ‘If it does not pass in November, then that should be the death knell for the Dome,’ Morman said.

Rendering: HCSCC

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  • This has smelled of corruption from the start.. we the take payers never got to see the other 19 proposal. They say they shot they shot them down for lacking funding, only to submit their own plans that had no funding and requires tax payers money. They designed the perfect win for themsevles. If the ballet passes they get a renovated center on the tax payers dime, and if it fails they get the space they always wanted. The worst part no one in Houston joke of a newscorp has even pointed this out. One one in Houston social poltical leadership has looked at it and said” its amazing how well this works out for you guys ither way, huh, i’m demand a investigation into the process you used.. Not a single one

  • Ed Emmett’s cred went down the drain on this one.

  • The $217 million renovation is a head fake to give taxpayers “sticker shock”. Remember when they originally announced it would cost $22 mill to demolish it?? Everyone freaked out since price was so high. Now they flash a $217 mill renovation and the $22 mill demo aint looking so bad. Politicians are in sales

  • Agree with Brandon and Frank. Ed Emmett can be “the guy the knocked down the Astrodome” if he wants, but his merry group of scumbags aren’t getting my vote.

  • Brandon is spot on.


    “One one in Houston social poltical leadership has looked at it and said” its amazing how well this works out for you guys ither way, huh”

  • It should be stated all or nothing –let’s vote on the Dome once and for all and be done with it–I’ll vote yes, but if the no’s win, I’ll accept that and sadly watch the Astrodome demolished–it will be the will of the people either way

  • @#7 – Mother of pearl, I actually agree with Shannon on something.

  • I will vote no to higher property taxes to save the astrodome.

    The astrodome sat empty and mostly unused for several years before deteriorating to its current state.

    In the current proposal to save the astrodome, I didn’t see any concrete plans to get any commitments for future venues for its use after pouring $217 million into the renovation.

    With the ever increasing crime in the city & county we need more boots on the ground. I would rather vote on a $217 million dollar bond to hire more HPD & Deputy Sheriff Officers than I would to vote in pouring $217 million into saving the dome.

  • I find it really odd that any dome proposal needs to meet with the rodeo’s approval who (surprise!) won’t spend a red cent to make the proposal a reality

  • It never ends.

  • HTN — why do you think there is “ever increasing crime” in the city and county.

    recent statistics have shown that crime is down significantly in recent years.

  • I think I remember that a few years ago the Rodeo went on record as wanting the Astro Arena, on the south side of the complex by the 610 feeder road, to be torn down and rebuilt for use for the events and livestock show associated with the rodeo. I guess my question is, will the Astrodome project replace the Arena or will we be asked to foot the bill for a new arena in a few years. And if the arena is still a viable project, how much will it cost? $200 million plus for the Dome, $100 million?? for the arena? Hey, pretty soon we are talking about real money. I think I would rather see my tax dollars go to maintain the new facilities that have been built rather than build yet another one that will have to be maintained as well. And try to find a street that will take you to these venues that doesn’t need a lot of work. Like most of its citizens, these governmental bodies need to get serious about how they are spending their tax dollars and whether they have lost sight of their original role of providing basic infrastructure for the entire community, not glorious edifices to professional sports.

  • What I’m wondering is if there is anyone currently opposed to spending the money to save the Astrodome also a person who voted FOR spending the money for the construction of Reliant Stadium. Why did we really need it??? Sight lines? Were they REALLY THAT BAD?? NO!!! Houston already had a fine stadium in the Astrodome, mind you, that had just had about 10,000 extra seats added at a cost of 42 million dollars just 7 years prior to the Oilers leaving- no one was complaining about the Astrodome- except Bud Adams. Even Drayton McLane never complained about the Astrodome- not even after seeing the Oilers leave- but a couple years later, changed his mind for God knows what reason- it’s not like the Astros weren’t selling out crowds then- 3 straight division titles had the Astrodome selling out on a regular-basis. 50,000+ fans. Why would you ask for a new stadium with a 42,000 capacity when you were already selling 50,000+??? There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Astrodome that couldn’t be fixed at the time the Astros moved to Enron. What’s this REALLY about? MONEY AND GLAMOUR!!! I suppose back in the early 60’s, people cared more about city pride than they did about having the nicest, most expensive stadium- even though the Astrodome was expensive for it’s time. We just wanted to be on the map with a Major League Baseball team. I’d bet a million dollars the designers and engineers of the Astrodome had in mind a stadium that would easily last 100 years- they didn’t even think that the stadium would only be used for 37 (last significant usage being in 2002 for the rodeo). The Astrodome is the first totally enclosed, air-conditioned baseball and football stadium in the WORLD. I’m truly amazed that it hasn’t long-been on the National Register of Historic Places. It HAS to be saved and re-used. PERIOD.