Is That Three Brothers Bakery on the Line?

IS THAT THREE BROTHERS BAKERY ON THE LINE? A spokesperson for Weingarten Realty reports the company has “a number of good prospects” to lease the second-story space in the semi-curved replacement building that caused all that fuss over at the River Oaks Shopping Center. Earlier this week, Tony Vallone announced he’s backing out of plans to open a new Italian restaurant in the space: “. . . the recent flak between neighbors and developer Weingarten Realty on such points as the building’s setbacks and the use of the patio were not factors in pulling the plug, he said, adding the discourse was full of misinformation. Vallone said, for example, rumors were circulated that the patio would have been used, at times, as a band venue, which would not have been the case. ‘I would never do anything to jeopardize the relationship with the neighborhood,’ Vallone said.” [River Oaks Examiner; previously]

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  • Speaking of Three Brothers — they’re still trying to get their original location on Braeswood back open following devastating damage in Hurricane Ike. It would be great if they could move back to RO, too!

  • Of course the recent flak with neighbors had something to do with Vallone backing out. Does he really want to anger the majority of River Oaks? Uh, who do you think fills up the tables at Tony’s? I’ve only been there once but I didn’t see a lot of hybrid driving Montrosians or mini van Moms from the suburbs. The new Italian restaurant may have been a nice little side job, but Tony’s is his bread and butter, to use a restaurant analogy.