Is the Ginger Man Poised To Take Over the W. Gray Junction’s Junction?

It doesn’t take effect until August — but a new sales permit looks to have been okayed last month for 160 W. Gray St., bearing the name The Ginger Man – West Gray. The Rice Village bar has previously established outposts in locales as far-flung as Austin, Dallas, and Plano (and claims a somewhat looser connection to a trio of spots in New York and Connecticut), but a West Gray location would be the chain’s second spot inside the Loop(s). That spot, meanwhile, is still the home of Junction Bar & Grill, just north of the W. Gray Y with Webster St. — though the building itself (shown above) was listed for lease on LoopNet earlier this spring. Prior to the turn of the decade, the space previously went by The Wet Spot. 

A recent-ish photo from the lease listing (above) shows off the wrapping up of the Dolce Living apartments next door.  Not pictured, just beyond the duo of homes visible to the east below: the charred skeleton of Fuzzy’s Tacos, which was cleared out some time after its November flameout. 


Photos: LoopNet

Midtown Fourth Ward Junction

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  • The West Gray area has started to pick in recent months, I see the ‘parking lots’ filled up on the weekends these days. I’m guessing the added apartment renters next door will help keep things busy. I will miss my crawfish though!

  • I wouldn’t call Dolce Living “wrapping up” just yet. I talked to one of the construction workers recently, and he said they’re not planning to open until early next year. That’s about 3 years they’ve been trying to work this mess.