Is Tila’s Restaurante Headed the Way of Teala’s Mexican Restaurant at the Shepherd Curve?

The triangle of land holding Tila’s Restaurante & Bar has a for lease sign up these days, a reader tells Swamplot. That’s backed up by a listing currently up on the Wulfe & Co. website, though there’s no particular availability date mentioned in the leasing notice for the land. The restaurant sits on the irregular block created by the Shepherd Dr. curve between McDuffie and  and Newhouse streets:


Backstreet Cafe is just to the south of the property; Randall Davis’s Gotham Lofts condo building sits just to the east of the site, next to the newly-squeezed-in Village at River Oaks senior living complex. Meanwhile (and speaking of lawsuits), just down the curve and around the corner of W. Gray St., the site of Tila’s former neighbor and plaintiff Teala’s Mexican Restaurant is being worked over by its new occupants for a planned summer opening — this time under the name of Emmaline.

Images: Wulfe & Co.

Up for Lease Around the Bend

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