It’s Getting a Name Change, but the Astrodome Will Still Be Reliant on County Commissioners To Remain Standing

IT’S GETTING A NAME CHANGE, BUT THE ASTRODOME WILL STILL BE RELIANT ON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO REMAIN STANDING North Ticket Booth, Reliant Astrodome, 8400 Kirby Dr., HoustonThe Houston Chronicle‘s Kiah Collier has what appears to be the first official confirmation that the name change NRG Energy plans for Reliant Stadium and Reliant Park is meant to extend to the Astrodome and its signage as well. The Harris County Sports and Convention Corp. gave the go-ahead to today to rename it all and put up new signs. Say hello to NRG Stadium, NRG Park, NRG Center, and — yes — NRG Arena and NRG Astrodome. [Kiah Collier on Twitter; previously on Swamplot] Photo of demolished ticket booth at Reliant Astrodome: Jim Ellwanger [license]

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  • Just what is NRG/Reliant Park anyway? I get “Stadium”, “Center”, “Arena”. There is nothing in that area that even slightly resembles any kind of “Park”. Are they referring to the parking lot? The closest thing to a park would have been Astroworld, but it is long gone and that would have been “Reliantworld”, which is what the hard-core GOP folks call Democrats.

  • Bubba, you’ve heard of an “Industrial Park” haven’t you? That’s the logical trail you should pursue.

  • This is horrible! These heartless corporations are going to change the name of my beloved unused structure after I’ve grown so fond if its current heartless corporation name!

  • For fu**s sake, just tear down this pos already

  • Honestly why do companies spend millions on naming a stadium? Are consumers going to sign up for NRG/Reliant because they saw a sign on a stadium? I guess its good for the counties and cities to try to squeeze some pennies out of the subsidized stadium deals but I can’t see any benefit to shareholders. Never-the-less I just read that corporate names on NBA jerseys will be here before you know it, courtesy of new Commissioner Silver. Corporate America is wasteful, these dollars spent on the fruitless branding of stadiums could be better used to support R& D, secure pensions, pay a living wage or even FIX ROADS. No says the MBA, we need to let people know we’ve made so much money that we can waste it. And before I go …why do the TEXANS and HLSR get a portion? $10 million a year could go a long way in improving the park or better yet fixing the DOME! Wow a government makes money only to give it away to organizations that are financially better off than the government. Remind me why these people are supposed to be smarter and more responsible? peace

  • I can not understand why Houstonians (I was born here, too) have this weird fixation with keeping that thing standing. Tear it down. Although, I do kind of miss the old Colt .45 Stadium it replaced.

  • Does anyone know if they had this same tear-down argument in Rome, with their ancient stadium?

  • All of you voting for the destruction of the Dome make me sick. most definitely not true Houstonians…

    Please keep it standing!