It’s Hiring Time: Seeking an Editor To Lead Swamplot

Help WantedAre Houston’s peculiarities something you’re passionate about? Do you enjoy delving into this city’s neighborhoods, architecture, and strip-mall secrets? Would you like an editorial position that puts you in prime position to sift through, explore, and explain the latest happenings in the local real estate landscape? Would you enjoy interacting with a dedicated and highly engaged fan base of tipsters, readers, and commenters — as well as other site contributors?

Good news for you, then: Swamplot is looking for an editor!

This is the perfect gig for someone who can research, report, and write quickly and well; who’s attentive to detail, careful with facts, and has a good sense of humor; who can work independently but also bring out the best from collaborators in a small editorial team; and who can produce accurate and entertaining posts at a steady clip. We’re seeking someone who understands this site and how it works (or can come up to speed on that quickly) — but who also has the vision, ideas, and energy necessary to help Swamplot evolve into something better.

This is a full-time position; salary will be commensurate with experience. (If you are a real estate professional, though, this is not the job for you.)

Here’s how to apply:


Just send us an email with “Swamplot editor” in the subject line. Introduce yourself in a single paragraph and add another paragraph explaining why you’re interested in the job. Attach a resume and writing samples if you’ve got them on hand (but they aren’t required). If you’ve got a blog or Tumblr (or relevant Pinterest board, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter account), go ahead and include links to them if you think that would help, and maybe point us to some highlights. If we’re interested in what we see, we’ll follow up quickly.

Photo: Flickr user DrPantzo [license]

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  • I nominate Scott Vogel. I don’t think Houstonia is here for the long haul. ;)

  • Commonsense, here’s your chance!

  • WHAT?! I cant apply if I’m in property management?

  • I’ll formally announce my candidacy. I specialize in click bait journalism. (Top 10 Mattress store locations in the inner loop, Interactive Map of Trees cut down by Wendy’s franchise owners, What your Zip Code Says about you… And for Commonsense’s pleasure… 50 reasons you should never live in the inner loop)

  • Get commonsense to do it and I’ll pay a subscription fee.

  • My people need me!

  • I nominate The Niche: this blog needs an injection of frivolity.

  • Purple city guy! Purple city guy!

  • Let Swamplot regulars each do a week as editor. Get a moderator that doesn’t play favorites would be a start. In all seriousness, it doesn’t instill confidence that you don’t post a salary, you just say some ambiguous nonsense about how experience will somehow dictatate compensation. So I guess if the candidate comes from McDonalds they get min wage and from Harvard, what? That’s not exactly how to recruit the best and brightest. Just be honest, set a salary, post it and look got the best candidate. It’s obvious this site needs some changes, it’s hardly Curbed.

  • The Niche “frivolous”?! Surely you’re being sarcastic?!

  • I’m throwing my hat way out of the ring. Y’all can’t afford me.

  • I nominate the entire population of the world, minus Shannon.

  • Did I ask for your “nomination”. You don’t know me. Chill out.

  • @Shannon–We don’t know you? Please, you’ve bleated more personal information about yourself than anyone on this blog. We know you too well. But you’re idea of a guest editor isn’t bad.

  • God, I wish I knew all of your true identities/professions. I want the job for that reason alone.

  • @Mel: Truer words never spoken