It’s Official: Robert Redford, Sundance Cinema Taking Over the Angelika, Holding Your Seat

IT’S OFFICIAL: ROBERT REDFORD, SUNDANCE CINEMA TAKING OVER THE ANGELIKA, HOLDING YOUR SEAT Robert Redford’s Sundance Cinema will spend $2.25 million to renovate the 36,000-sq.-ft. former Angelika Film Center space in Bayou Place downtown, according to today’s official announcement from the Mayor’s office. The new movie complex is scheduled to open on November 1 in the former Albert Thomas Convention Center at 510 Texas St. Underground parking will still be free, but movie showings will have reserved seating only. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Aaron Carpenter

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  • Reserved seating? Every time my friends and I go to see a movie, the conversation starts the same way:

    “Whatcha wanna do?”

    “I dunno. How bout a movie?”

    “Sure. What’s showing now?”

    “Let’s just show up at the theater and see.”

    Now they want me to take that process and formalize it ahead of time? Not my cup of tea. I’m an American, damnit. That means I have the right to life, liberty, and instant-gratification.

  • Thank god, now my angelika will live on… Love that place.

  • I’m only going if they re-hire Joe Mathlete.

  • hmmm… wonder if you’ll be able to pick out your seat online like when I fly?

  • Why are my tax dollars being used to pay for this. Thank You Downtown Redevelopment Authority. I’d rather that tax mony be spent on teachers, the police or fire department. Not on a indie movie theater or Ed Wulfe’s consulting fee. That man is rich enough. I think Redford has enough money to float this on his own…I think i’ll start my own “Stop Robert Redford’s Sundance Cinema” campaign, w/bumper stickers and a documentary film examining why Mr. Redford needs city tax money when teachers are being laid off. Hopefully it’ll be accepted at Sundance.

  • Wendy, apparently you can but it’ll run you a $20 fee with a $5 flashlight surcharge.

    and mericarulz, you gotta spend money to make money someimtes. vacancies are lost tax revenue and a drag on surrounding areas. quite often it works out best for the city to make an initial investment to lock in future revenue and jobs. besides, this is basically Texas’ entire business plan for the near-future. offer tax breaks to steal companies from other states while we continue to run our schools and graduation rates into the ground so we can provide minimum wage labor to all our newfound employers.

  • MericaRulz – unless you own property downtown, your tax dollars did not pay for this.

  • When I lived in Rio, where more weekend movie showtimes sell out than not, reserved seating was a welcome innovation.

  • Awesome! I used to love riding the light rail rather than driving to movies and going out for a beer afterwards. I’m so glad there will be a theater downtown again so I don’t have to go to Greenway!

  • Incredible news! Indie cinema lives on in Houston!

  • Best news I’ve heard since they closed the theater. I’m surprised naysayers haven’t mentioned a word about the fact that few people discovered this gem in our midst and the theaters were almost always nearly empty AND NOW THEY DEMAND RESERVATIONS? I’m hoping the reservations offered are indicative of how exciting its going to be to have the theater open again: we’re gonna need them in order to get a seat for movies or live performances, or (I hope) a Film Festival!!! AWESOME!!!!

  • If the reserved seating system is similar to what I’ve seen in other countries, you won’t have to neccessarily book in advance. You’ll just choose whatever is available when you get to the ticket booth. It works quite well and rewards those that plan ahead.

  • I suppose this is overall good news, but I was still holding out a tiny hope for being able to order some pizza and beer with my movie!

  • There will be a restaurant component part of the Sundance Cinema and you’ll be able to bring in selected food items and beverages (including adult beverages) into the theater.